Michael J. McDermott

Michael J. McDermott writes about entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and — especially — marketing for both print and digital publications. He’s been doing it since the “Dark Ages,” before the internet was really a thing, and has loved every minute of it.

Recent content by this author:

  • Tying Data All Together

    B-to-B Marketer   September 14, 2017  

    Though still in its infancy, data virtualization is a possible remedy for B-to-B marketers struggling with information overload.

  • Mad Men vs. Organization Men

    ANA Magazine   July 21, 2017  

    Digital consultancies owned by companies like IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte are making inroads against traditional advertising agencies by hiring creative executives and buying creative ad agencies to provide full-service marketing capabilities to national advertisers.

  • Fundamentals of Data

    B-to-B Marketer   July 7, 2017  

    In today's digital world, almost everything a business or a customer touches turns to data. But without insights, it's only information. Here's what CMOs need to know to maximize data's value.

  • Brand Safety Issue Vexes Marketers

    ANA Magazine   May 12, 2017  

    Major marketers, grappling with the issue of brand safety on digital platforms like YouTube and Google, are looking for solutions to prevent their brands from appearing alongside objectionable and inflammatory content.

  • Planting the Seeds of Success

    ANA Magazine   May 2, 2017  

    As director of national multicultural and field marketing for the west at Dunkin’ Brands, Xavier Turpin has instilled a cross-cultural mindset across the organization.

  • Making Total Market Mainstream

    ANA Magazine   April 18, 2017  

    From Toyota to Clorox to Wells Fargo, many big brands are realizing the business benefits of the total marketing approach to marketing communications

  • B-to-B Programmatic Challenges

    B-to-B Marketer   March 15, 2017  

    B-to-B marketers lag behind their B-to-C counterparts in the adoption of programmatic advertising, but that is likely to change.

  • Should Brands Get Political?

    ANA Magazine   March 14, 2017  

    Should brands get political? Plenty of brands make comments on societal issues, but how and when are those appropriate fodder for brand messaging?

  • The Sales and Marketing Nexus

    B-to-B Marketer   February 24, 2017  

    Turf wars between sales and marketing are notorious within B-to-B brands and organizations, but a hypercompetitive marketplace is forcing companies from nearly every business sector to change their ways — or be left behind.

  • Pure Genius

    B-to-B Marketer   January 4, 2017  

    A close examination of the winning entries from 2016 ANA Genius Awards reveals that The Clorox Company, Hilton Worldwide, Turner Broadcasting, and Syngenta have a lot in common — what you might call the habits of highly effective marketing analytics experts. Here are five that stand out.