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Regulatory Rumblings

Penned by Dan Jaffe, the ANA's group executive vice president of government relations, this blog focuses on advocacy initiatives and key legal/regulatory issues that threaten national advertisers' freedom of commercial speech.

Regulatory Rumblings

Senate Commerce Committee Should Consider the Benefits of Data and Advertising

17 hours ago

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold an important hearing tomorrow entitled “Examining Safeguards for Consumer Data Privacy.”

Regulatory Rumblings

The Mandatory Ad Disclosure Muddle

by Dan Jaffe, 1 week ago

A storm cloud on the horizon for our industry involves the question of when the government may compel marketers to add warnings or make other disclosures in their ads. The issue is significant because it will determine what types of ad disclosures the federal government and the nation’s 30,000- plus local governments may require from marketers.

Regulatory Rumblings

Fixing the California Privacy Law Will Require a Serious, Long Term Effort

3 weeks ago

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was rushed through the legislature in just one week in June and was trumpeted by its sponsors as a huge win for consumers. In fact, we believe the sweeping new law will be bad for privacy, bad for consumers and bad for businesses.


Marketing Maestros

Written by our in-house citizen journalists, this varied blog draws on insights from the client-side marketing community, examines game-changing campaigns and industry research, provides actionable takeaways from ANA events, and more.

Marketing Maestros

“Don’t Cause Opt-outs Post-Purchase,” says Shiseido SVP

by Ernan Roman, 14 hours ago

In this Q&A, Welington Fonseca, SVP at Shiseido, weighs in on the importance of personalization and customer retention, and shares his four tips for dealing with email unsubscribes.

Marketing Maestros

What I Learned from Interviewing 300 Young Entrepreneurs

by Elliot Lum, 1 day ago

AEF's Elliot Lum explains why an entrepreneurial spirit in young talent is important for the marketing and advertising industry.

Marketing Maestros

How the CPG Category Can Survive Disruption: Imperfection and In-Market Learning

by Martin Roper, 5 days ago

Drawing on lessons from the launch of the Angry Orchard brand, Martin Roper, former president and CEO of Boston Beer explains how CPG companies can survive in an environment where disruption is the norm.

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The Marketing Maestros blog currently accepts contributions from ANA community members. Submissions should focus on advice, insights, trends, and best practices for the marketing and advertising industry.

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