Career Changing Events

November 5, 2010

At ANA's most recent Masters of Marketing Conference purpose was a central theme. CMOs from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Dell, and American Express all specifically pointed to purpose—a reason to be in business other than making money—a true driver of business growth. As Mark Pritchard the CMO at P&G put it in a presentation to over 1,600 participants who attended this conference—now is the time to shift from selling products to improving lives. This seminal moment came about in AG Lafley's reign as CEO of P&G when he realized that the company's growth had slowed dramatically primarily because P&G had forgotten who was boss—it's your consumer.

Interestingly in a recent McKinsey survey, purpose or passion for what you are doing, the industry you are working in, or the job that you have, is a decisive moment that defines your happiness for your own career.

Just as companies are finding that they must be true to themselves and their customers, that they must touch the lives of those who buy their products, so too must they touch customers' hearts (if of course the goal is to career advancement.) Find your passion-and the career you want will find you. Are you passionate about your career? Share your thoughts-maybe it will help spread the enthusiasm!

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