Video: Dell's Adam Brown Discusses Social Media, Transparency, and Sales

May 2, 2011

By Grace Bello

From our 2011 ANA Brand Conference presented by The New York Times on April 5, 2011, listen to Dell's Adam Brown, Executive Director, Social Media, discuss his approach to social media marketing.

In the video above, find out...

  • What analytics tools Dell finds helpful in monitoring the social media conversation about their brand
  • How listening to your customers can improve your marketing, product design, customer support, and more
  • Why it's important to analyze metrics to inform your marketing approach
  • Why Dell places its user-generated product reviews and social media chatter on their product description pages
  • How Dell uses digital video to drive sales

For more on social media marketing, don't miss our 2011 ANA Digital and Social Media Conference in New York, NY on July 14, 2011. Register now, and RSVP on Facebook!

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