Ashley @ the Foster City Marriott

January 10, 2012

By Bill Duggan

It's fashionable in blogs like this to write about negative consumer experiences rather than the positive. The negative examples often are much more compelling to read! I've taken that path in past blogs on transparency in pricing and tipping. But just recently I had a very positive experience that I'd like to share.

I will be making a trip to Visa in Foster City, CA for an ANA committee meeting. There's a Marriott Courtyard literally right across the street. But alas, I waited too long and when I went to book online they were sold out. I called the central reservation number and was also told that the hotel was sold out. No room at the inn! Finally, I call the hotel directly and spoke with Ashley. Yes, the hotel was indeed sold out - ugh! I asked if a waiting list was available. Ashley told me that this was not common practice but she would be glad to start such a list and add my name to it. In the meantime, she let me know about an alternative hotel down the road. Wouldn't you know - a few hours later I got a call from Ashley as a room opened up.

How refreshing! In this era of communication overload and overworked customer service agents it was a pleasure to get such a call. Ashley's relatively small effort made a big impact and enhanced my perception of the Marriott brand overall. Well done, Ashley!

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