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The Voting Booth for Multicultural Consumers is at the Checkout Counter

December 4, 2012

By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

Attendees of the recent ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference learned some terrific things.

One brand that could have benefited from attendance at the conference is the Republican Party.  President Obama enjoyed strong support from multicultural voters – 71% of the Hispanic vote, 93% of the Black vote, 73% of the Asian vote, 76% of the LGBT vote.  The Democratic Party was aggressive in courting multicultural voters and that helped win the election.  The Republicans paid the price by not doing so.  Amazingly, there are still many brands that are ignoring – or at least short changing – the multicultural opportunity.  Like the Republican Party, those brands should be prepared to lose in the voting booth – in this case, the checkout counter – by not fully embracing the multicultural opportunity.

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