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ANA Members Want Brand-Specific Commercial Ratings

January 30, 2013

By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

Last week, ANA hosted the Commercial Ratings Summit.  Our purpose was to discuss solutions that could help facilitate the availability of brand-specific commercial ratings for television. The meeting was attended by 92 individuals representing client-side marketers, agencies, media (network, cable, and syndication), solution providers, industry trade associations, and other interested parties.

ANA members and other industry experts have identified numerous benefits for brand-specific commercial ratings.

Better Knowledge / Increased Accountability

Better Creative Decisions

Brand-specific commercial ratings would be a resource to help make better creative decisions via:

As one ANA member said, “It will be helpful to understand if our creative is incurring lower ratings than the average for that program.  If our creative is causing channel changing we want to know.  If networks want to keep audiences through the commercial break, understanding which creative keeps and which doesn’t keep is valuable for them too.  Makes us all want to strive for better experience for the consumer and have the data to understand it.”

Better Media Decisions

Brand-specific commercial ratings would also help make better media decisions:

Branded Entertainment

As one summit attendee noted, “brand-specific commercial ratings can identify leverage opportunities,” to those who decide to use them.

ANA members have unequivocally spoken, demanding brand-specific commercial ratings. ANA will continue to advocate on this issue and to keep our members and the overall industry informed of progress as well as roadblocks.




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