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ANA's Perspective on Nielsen’s Acquisition of Arbitron

February 12, 2013

By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

Since Nielsen announced its plans to acquire Arbitron in late December, ANA has been listening to industry perspective – from our members, analysts, agencies, other associations as well as the coverage in the trade press.  Here’s where we are coming out: ANA’s position is that there is no reason to oppose Nielsen’s acquisition of Arbitron; but meanwhile, there are some valid concerns.

Here’s why we are not opposed:

While ANA doesn’t oppose Nielsen’s acquisition of Arbitron, there are nonetheless valid concerns:

It’s important to note, in this qualitative survey, half the respondents had “no concerns” and half had either “some concerns” or “serious concerns” about the acquisition. So opinion was clearly split.

At the recent ANA Commercial Ratings Summit (http://www.ana.net/conference/show/id/CRSUMMIT12) we heard from five very innovative companies, besides Nielsen, who may offer solutions for brand-specific commercial ratings: Invidi, Precision Demand, Rentrak, Simulmedia, and TRA.  These companies can do amazing things. We would hope that the Nielsen acquisition of Arbitron does not stifle innovation from these and other companies.

In closing, we expect that the Nielsen acquisition of Arbitron is a situation where 1+1=3, as combining technologies and processes may enhance some capabilities that the industry needs.


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