What I learned at the ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference

May 9, 2013

By Bill Duggan

I am just back from the ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference, where I learned a ton, including:

  • It’s not just about TV any more. Advertising today is about ideas that can be leveraged via paid, owned, and earned media. (Andy England, MillerCoors)
  • Relevance is the one thing that cuts through the clutter. Relevance requires data. The cost of being irrelevant is enormous. (Sandra Zoratti, Ricoh)
  • Procurement must work on its brand. In selling procurement, relationships matter (to build trust and respect). They really, really matter! (Sopan Shah, Nestlé)
  • What makes a good client? (1) A client that really understands what they are looking for; (2) Trust; (3) Views agency as part of the management team; and (4) Clearly defines the financial parameters of the engagement. (Miles Nadal, MDC Partners)
  • In analytics 2.0, finance and procurement must make sure questions are big and worthwhile while not letting resources get fractured over dozens of ad hoc initiatives. (Pat LaPointe, MarketShare Partners)
  • Procurement should be an enabler. (Kevin Nash, USAA)
  •  An in-house agency could cost 20-40% less than an external agency. (Kellie Krug, Wells Fargo)
  •  At least half the challenge with marketing efficiency is due to internal issues at the client. (Jeff Jacobs, McKinsey)
  • Traditional breakdowns of working versus non-working spending are no longer relevant and should be replaced with channel agnostic ROI metrics. (Bryan Weiner, 360i)
  • In agency compensation, the use of performance incentives is up dramatically. (Dave Beals, R3:JLB)
  • In decoupling production, the initial change management process is the biggest hurdle. (Crystal Ryu, Mattel)

 The 2014 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference will be May 4-7 in Naples, Fla.






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