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New Industry Association:
Cross-Cultural Marketing & Communications Association

September 10, 2013

By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

I attended the opening day of the “The Total Market Conference” from the Cross-Cultural Marketing & Communications Association on Monday in NYC.  According to the CCM&CA, the total market is the description of a business vertical emerging within the marketing and communications industry; it describes the converging “general market” and multicultural business verticals.  The purpose of the association is to provide total market enterprise and cross-cultural marketplace awareness, education and certification across business, governments and education verticals.  Lots of rich information was shared and a half dozen key takeaways for me follow:

Congrats to Jeffrey Bowman, Ogilvy’s Cross-Cultural Practice Lead and founder of the Cross-Cultural Marketing & Communications Association.

ANA’s 2013 Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference is November 3-5 in LA and is themed, ““Marketing to a Multicultural Nation,” and recognizes that the multicultural market is increasingly becoming the new general market.  Presenters include two marketers noted at the CCM&CA conference – McDonald’s and Pepsico.

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