Real-Time Marketing Meets Content Marketing Innovation: #InaHyattWorld

November 20, 2013

By Meghan Medlock

Yesterday, I ran the Midwest Digital & Social Committee Meeting in Chicago. It is always interesting to hear what other brands are doing to deliver on innovation and content marketing within Real-Time Marketing. One of today’s presenters, Hyatt Hotels, showcased how they are delivering on this. Their approach is to “listen” to solve consumers’ needs and to do so outside of the typical customer experience within their hotel properties. They recognize that it’s really about human interaction on a global scale because, after all, they have a global brand story. 

In the course of a month, Hyatt activated around the globe to let people experience what it was all about, which is that Hyatt is a brand that listens to its customers and gives back through exceptional service, constant product enhancements, new amenities, and simply put, kindness. To deliver on this promise, they handed out umbrellas in high traffic areas during unexpected downpours, opened doors for people entering and leaving buildings and getting into taxi cabs, and more. The hotels took these gestures and ran with them around the world – 30 days, 31 participating hotels, 136 Hyatt associates in 25 global locations.

In 1 month (yes, just one month), they generated:

  • 2+ Million Twitter Impressions
  • 525,000+ YouTube views and counting
  • 559 Instagram posts and over 330k impressions
  • Over 32,000 visitors on Tumblr with an average of 41 seconds per visit and over 55% of the visits from non US countries

Talk about a global movement for random acts of kindness. 

The most valuable learning is that doing good things really matters and people will share it and come back for more. They learned that mobilizing a global staff isn’t as hard as it sounds when they are motivating them around something that showcases what makes them amazing. In real-time, no less! 

Another very important lesson they learned is that no matter how much you prepare, there’s never enough time. So getting good at being VERY FAST is integral. I think many marketers looking to dabble into real-time can take this to heart and be bold when it comes to acting fast even though it may not be perfect the first time.

They also learned that focusing on the continual customer community and what that can mean will amplify long-term growth.   

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