The Promise of Addressable TV

November 15, 2014

By Andrew Eitelbach


Imagine you’re a 30-something professional in New York with no kids. You see an ad on TV for a flash-sale on airline tickets to Bermuda for $30 roundtrip, but they’re only for flights this weekend. You call your married best friend who lives down the street to talk about the ad because you know he’s watching the same program as you. “Hey, you see that ad for Bermuda?” you ask him. “No,” he says, cradling this screaming infant, “but that deal on diapers looks amazing.” Watching the same program and the same commercial time slot, you both saw different ads specifically catered to your life circumstances. That’s the promise of addressable TV.
As the technology slowly catches on, marketers will be able to target audiences not just by region but by household. That’s the topic of the cover story in this month’s ANA Magazine Spotlight, brought to you by our partner, Simulmedia. 
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Find all that and more in this month’s ANA Magazine Spotlight.

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