How to Win Consumer Attention

September 10, 2015

By Andrew Eitelbach

A hard fact: The Internet is noisy, crowded, and stuffed with messages far more entertaining and informative than yours (or mine). Still, it’s often the best way to reach consumers, if you can keep their attention long enough to receive the message.

The cover story in this month’s ANA magazine examines innovative uses of technology online and provides some key takeaways any marketer can use for his or her own brands.

From drones to virtual reality to interactive banner ads, marketers are using technology in fun new ways to build unique brand experiences, hear how Patrón Spirits, Southern Comfort, Taco Bell, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, and Electrolux use tech to connect with consumers.

Also in this month’s complimentary issue:

Plus, don’t miss this month’s special section, brought to you by our partner Millennial Media, on the state of viewability in mobile.

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