Challenges from a Multicultural Marketing Leader

September 29, 2015

By Bill Duggan

Lizette Williams will co-host the 2015 Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference

Lizette Williams is one of the dynamic new leaders in our industry. She is currently Multicultural Marketing Leader, North America at Kimberly-Clark Corporation and will be co-hosting the 2015 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, November 8-10 in Miami (#ANAMulti). 

At Kimberly-Clark, Lizette leads the organization’s multicultural marketing strategy across all brands. As part of her role, Lizette is charged with implementing a total market strategy throughout the organization and chairs the Multicultural Taskforce, a 20-person, cross-functional team responsible for growing the North American businesses with ethnic consumer segments. Lizette was a presenter at last year’s Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, where she posed important challenges to client side marketers and agency partners.

To client side marketers: This is a fascinating time to be in the multicultural industry and we have this amazing opportunity to evolve the depiction of people of color in the media. Look behind the obvious insights and think deeper about these consumers and get to the core of who they are so we get to a place where we have better work and better depictions of people of color in the media.

To agency partners: The general market is Hispanic and the mainstream is diverse. Don’t hold on so tightly to your antiquated reason for being that you become obsolete. Continue to evolve your approach and maintain your relevance. It’s not about eliminating ethnic agencies but it’s about repositioning to represent the general market.   

Lizette – the industry is fortunate to have your leadership! 

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