Rally the Troops

February 17, 2016

By Urey Onuoha

How do you find your greatest brand ambassadors?

For a company like HCL, the answer is within its own workforce. The IT company encourages employees to develop ideas to improve both operations and customer satisfaction, and implements some of those ideas. In return, the company has found that boosting employee engagement helps it retain existing customers and attract new ones.

But HCL’s not alone as other B-to-B companies go the same route. Companies like Medtronic and Emerson, for instance, have found value giving employees reasons to advocate for the brand externally. In the latest issue of B-to-B Marketer, all three brands explain how they have successfully maintained their brand ambassador programs, and industry leaders share why these programs are important and what to consider before launching your own program.

Also in this issue:

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