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Essentials for Integrated Marketing - AdAge

Integrated marketing communications isn't new, but it's gaining momentum as power shifts from the marketer to the consumer and as marketers recognize the power and efficiency of taking a holistic approach to engaging consumers. Several studies, including one recently conducted by the Association of National Advertisers, indicate that achieving effective IMC campaigns is marketers' primary concern. But there is considerable uncertainty about how to staff, design, manage and measure the success of such programs.

CBS Accepts Invitation to Discuss Integration Fees-Adweek

NEW YORK CBS has accepted an invitation to join a task force formed by the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies to examine the practice of charging network integration fees, according to the ANA.

"Integrated Marketing" embraced by Marketers but Internal Structures Limit Uptake - Marketing Charts

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) has been embraced by marketers, 74% of whom now employ IMC campaigns for most of their brands, according to a new Association of National Advertisers member survey fielded by CoActive Marketing Group.

Integrated Marketing More Essential Than Ever - EquiMedia

Marketers across the board are embracing integrated marketing communications (IMC), reflecting the fact that it is now "more essential than ever". That is according to a new survey of members of the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), the results of which were published on Tuesday (May 20th), revealing that IMC campaigns are employed by 74 per cent of marketers for many of their brands.

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle Is Not Only Up To Advertisers, But The Government And Parents Too-MediaPost Publications

Dan Jaffe, EVP for the Washington, D.C., office of the Association of National Advertisers, calls the ICBA and CFBAI initiatives "the most extensive self-regulatory steps ever taken within the food and beverage industry," and perhaps in any category. He also stresses that these are part of "much broader" industry efforts to address the challenge of childhood obesity, including greatly expanding the range of healthier products offered. For example, he points to a Grocery Manufacturers Association member survey that found that marketers had added over 10,000 new and reformulated products in recent years to address nutrition and calories issues, and to the Ad Council's extensive public service advertising to promote education about nutrition.

Blog: Observations & Questions On Network Integration Fees

From the ANA Marketing Maestros Bill Duggan, EVP, Committees has authored a new blog post regarding networking integration fees. Recently, ANA formally invited ABC, CBS, and NBC networks to join a task force to address the practice of charging network integration fees. Find out who accepted and who declined, why do network integration fees still exist in today

Marketers Now Broadly Embrace Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is now broadly embraced by marketers, according to a new survey of members of the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) fielded by CoActive Marketing Group. Results of the research indicate that 74 percent of marketers now employ IMC campaigns for most, if not all, of their brands. However, significant challenges to achieving optimal IMC performance remain, with only one quarter of marketers giving their firm’s IMC efforts a “very good” or “excellent” rating.

ANA Echo Boomer Survey on Brand Management

ANA is conducting a survey on Brand Management. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We are looking for Echo Boomer client-side marketers (born after 1982) to participate in this survey, and your opinion is valuable to us. To participate in the survey, click here.

New outcome-focused metrics for media - Executive Magazine

In a Booz Allen Hamilton survey with the Association of National Advertisers 62 percent of marketers would spend more on digital media if better cross-platform metrics existed to gauge advertising effectiveness. New technologies will support a shift in audience measurement from estimates to data that is closer to (and in some cases is) actual census data

ANA Calls an End to Networks' Integration Fees-MediaPost Publications

On the eve of the Association of National Advertisers' Financial Management Conference, in Naples, Florida, the group--alongside the American Association of Advertising Agencies--formally invited TV networks to join a task force to meet no later than May 1. The agenda: discuss network integration fees.

Media Alert: ANA Offers Industry Update on Proposed Network Integration Fees Task Force

On February 19, 2008, the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and the AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies) “formally invited television networks to join them on a task force to be convened no later than May 1 to address the practice of charging network integration fees.” As the May 1 deadline approaches, the ANA offers the following update on the situation.

Blog: The Hottest Button — Integrated Marketing Communications

From the ANA Marketing Musings Bob Liodice has authored a new blog post regarding integrated marketing as the hot button for senior marketers. Recently, ANA released its annual survey of senior marketers

American Express Targets Fashion, Travel and Sports Sponsorships to Reach Influencers- Promo Magazine

The credit card company is targeting fashion, travel and sports sponsorships as it aims for consumers who are “influencers” or “trend followers” with the common goal of seeking unique experiences, Claire Bennett, American Express senior vice president of global marketing, said at the Association of National Advertisers Brand Innovation Conference in New York yesterday.

ANA Conference: Word-of-mouth Marketing at P&G - MediaPost Publications

At Thursday's Association of National Advertisers conference in New York, Steve Knox, head of P&G's in-house word-of-mouth agency Tremor, talked about how marketers succeed or fail when it comes to getting consumers to talk amongst themselves.

ANA Conference: Shares Its Success Story-Promo Magazine CEO Tony Hsieh said the successful formula for his online shoe store is a matter of making sure customers come back and spread positive words about the site

Blog: ANA Urges NY State Lawmakers to Reject New Restrictions

Ad Groups Say FTC's Proposed Restrictions on Behavioral Marketing Are Too Stringent - Broadcasting&Cable

The Association of National Advertisers filed comments jointly with nine other trade groups, responding to a FTC staff draft filed in December. Behavioral advertising collects information about past activities of individual consumers online to predict preferences that, in turn, leads to tailored marketing messages.

ANA and BtoB Magazine Survey Finds Significant New Media Utilization By B-To-B Marketers

New media platforms have become a critical and sizeable component of the marketing mix for b-to-b marketers. A new survey conducted by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and BtoB Magazine in partnership with Guideline Inc. found that one-third of b-to-b firms surveyed reported spending more than 20% of their total media budget in this area. In contrast, only 5% of b-to-c firms surveyed did the same. The bulk of new media spending for b-to-b marketers are for more established platforms, including the company’s own Web site and e-mail marketing.

Integrated Marketing Is Top Issue On Marketers' Minds

Senior Marketing Executives Weigh In On Top Issues for 2008 An annual survey by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) conducted to help shape its Annual Conference in October 2008, ranked integrated marketing communications as senior marketers' top priority for the second year in a row. The survey asked senior marketers to choose their top three issues from a comprehensive list and then rank them in order of importance, from one to three. Of the 157 respondents, more marketers indicated a greater concern about integrated marketing communications than any other issue. Marketing accountability and the importance of aligning the marketing organization with innovation ranked closely in the second and third positions. The results were tabulated by adding up all responses (three for each respondent) and determining which issue was named in the top three by the most marketers.

ANA Telephone Directory Committee Seeks Better Metrics from the Yellow Pages industry-BtoB Magazine

The Association of National Advertisers’ Telephone Directory Committee issued an open letter Tuesday urging the Yellow Pages industry to improve its measurement practices by providing national syndicated audience measurement research and circulation auditing. It currently only measures 18% of the U.S. market.

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