B2B Customer Experience Day


Start: Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 9:00am

End: Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 2:30pm


708 Third Avenue
33rd Floor
New York, NY 10017

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ANA B2B Customer Experience Day 2018

Customer experience in the B2B space is becoming an opportunity for growth and deeper connections. Approximately 80% of executives in B2B companies believe that offering an outstanding customer experience is directly connected to generating better business results and ensuring the company has a competitive advantage. However, fewer than a quarter of these companies excel at offering meaningful customer experience, according to Customer Think.

How does the B2B marketer tap into insights, anticipate behaviors and build meaningful customer experiences? Customers buying toothpaste and customers buying jet engines have some similarities in purchasing behavior – but the jet engine customer's journey is longer and unique to B2B. Content marketing, understanding buying behavior and a strong sales-marketing alignment all contribute to the B2B customer journey.

We have designed a fully engaging and immersive Customer Experience Day – where we invite our committee members to listen and learn to leaders in the B2B space, as American Express and others share their wins and strategies for best-in-class customer experience.


Session 1: The Networks that Connect Us: Storytelling in a Digital World
In today's digital world where networks reign supreme, storytelling becomes the connective tissue that brings us together. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, we see these networks come to life and thrive on stories of innovation and progress. But just as these networks bring people in, they also leave gaps that create opportunities in a commercial ecosystem that favors businesses with access to people, resources and ideas. Join David Rabkin, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Marketing for American Express' Global Commercial Services division to hear how digital storytelling takes place in a world made up of networks, and the implications of living in a time where being connected is everything.

David Rabkin
Executive Vice President & GM, Marketing, Global Commercial Services at American Express

Session 2: The Evolved Digital Enterprise

The purpose of digital transformation is not to become more digital. it's to generate growth.

Let's be honest: most digital transformation efforts aren't working. People are lost and don't know where to begin. In fact, according to one survey, 90 percent of digital transformation projects have either fallen below planning expectations, delivered only minor improvements or altogether failed. There is a better way.

Chan Suh, Prophet's Chief Digital Officer will discuss what Prophet identifies as evolved enterprises, companies who successfully rise to meet the digital challenge. These companies think about digital differently. In his speech, Chan will outline how evolved enterprises understand that digital transformation isn't about implementing digital platforms and cutting-edge technology – instead they focus on unlocking growth by being committed to three key areas:

1. Developing transformational marketing strategies
2. Creating seamless customer experiences
3. Building smarter, faster, more flexible organizations.

Chan Suh
Chief Digital Officer, Prophet

Session 3: Omobono's What Works Where 2018 Report: Customer Experience
Philip Black
Head of Strategy, Omobono

More Sessions To Be Announced!

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