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SESSION #1: From Data to Action in Four Steps (9:45AM)

The challenge with big data is that it is, well, BIG. So how do you unearth the insights from your own data that will lead to profitable growth? We’ll start by showing how data reveals:
1. Who your best customers are—really
2. What your customers are buying
3. How their buying patterns are changing over time

Bonnie Massa
Massa & Company, Inc.

SESSION #2:  The Science of Story (10:30AM)

The journey to becoming a purpose-driven company is not for the faint of heart.
It’s a journey with an ultimate destination that will bring the kind of fulfillment most people have dreamed about. Life-changing. Transformational. Both for the company and the individuals who comprise the company.

But you can’t embark on any journey without knowing how you’re going to get there. You need an overall strategy that is logical, do-able and motivational; a road map that gets you to your goal; a road map that gives you the opportunity to drive forward at your own pace and via the route that makes most sense for you and your tribe. For some organizations pushing along at freeway speed is the no-nonsense fastest, most direct approach. For other organizations the route might be a little slower and a little more circuitous.

Adam Fridman

SESSION #3: Story Examples (11:30AM)

Athena will share examples of what she has been doing at CaseCE as they embark on their journey. She has faced plenty of obstacles in her way and she looks forward to sharing the insights she has learned from those experiences, as well as how they have been biting off small pieces of the elephant. Importantly she will show how her success in their small business unit, are becoming the ‘spark’ that is igniting the rest of the CNH Industrial brands globally. 

Athena Campos
Senior Director, Marketing
CASE Construction Equipment at CNH Industrial

LUNCH (12:00PM)

SESSION #4: How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy and Capability (1:00PM) 

Learn a new approach to CX helps businesses, one that will help you stay centered on what matters most – a relentless focus on the customer experience. At its core, this tailored strategic approach instrumentally delivers customer-centric experiences that activate promoters of brands and products to create the highest Customer Lifetime Value.

How? By activating promoters that are eager to engage family, friends, colleagues and even strangers with stories on how brands and products enable that “something” in their lives. These peer-to-peer recommendations continually build new customers allowing businesses to achieve organic and sustainable growth.

Jeffrey Baker
Customer Experience Popularizer & Founder
Trendless, LLC

Review, Roundtable Discussion (2:00PM)

Adjourn (2:30PM)