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Marketing Financial Management

This event has ended.
Begins: Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 9:00am
Ends: Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 2:30pm
Location: Warner Bros.
3400 Riverside Drive
Building 160, Room 4007, Burt Lancaster
Burbank, CA 91505

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9-9:30am     Networking Breakfast
9:30-9:45am Introductions and review of agenda

Ark Advisors, in conjunction with the 4A's, developed a series of workshops designed to help ad agencies better understand the corporate procurement function. Titled "Engaging Procurement," the workshops were conducted last year around the country to sold-out audiences. Agencies learned to better articulate precisely how marketing is different than other purchased commodities, and precisely how it is the same. They learned the three key things procurement leaders must do to succeed, and they learned the three things agencies must do to succeed with procurement. Most importantly, the agencies learned exactly how to establish the foundations of trust and respect that are prerequisites for healthy procurement-agency accountability.
This session at the ANA committee meeting will provide a topline view of the workshop and provide attendees a unique perspective on how the procurement profession was portrayed to a skeptical audience, and the change in attitude that occurred once the audience was better acquainted with the facts.
Russel Wohlwerth
, Principal - Ark Advisors
Gerry Preece
, Senior Consultant - Ark Advisors (and previously P&G's Global Director of Marketing and Media Procurement and Operations)

Media audits can be valuable tools for advertisers, but there can sometimes be confusion on the various audit types and questions on how to conduct effective audits. This is a two part session to address these topics.
1. Joanne Davis, president, Joanne Davis Consulting and co-author of ANA's new auditing guidebook, will share insights from the book and her recent research on the subject. She will demystify the media audit process, break down the array of media audit services available (i.e., there are media compliance and verification audits as well as media quality audits) and explain the nature and benefits of each type of audit approach.
2. Jim Garrity, president of the newly founded Media Audit Council, will discuss the launch of the Media Audit Council, a coalition of strategic media audit companies and the council's goals and objectives. He will also address media audit best practices. In attendance at this session will be the CEOs of the three founding Media Audit Council members: Ebiquity, Media IQ and Cortex Consulting Group.
Joanne Davis
, Founder - Joanne Davis Consulting
Jim Garrity
, Executive Director - Media Audit Council

We'll debrief on the procurement and media audit sessions from the morning and share experiences and best practices for both topics.

The mission of the ANA Procurement Task Force is to:
• Define and elevate the role of marketing procurement.
• Close the "gaps" on the value of procurement between procurement and internal marketing as well as procurement and external agencies.

We have formed three sub-committees:
1. Branding & PR
2. Education & Curriculum
3. Procurement Mentoring Group
This session will provide an update on the group's work to date and plans for the future.


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