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Digital Marketing

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Begins: Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 9:00am
Ends: Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 2:30pm
Location: ANA
708 Third Avenue
33rd Floor
New York, NY 10017

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9-9:45am  Networking Breakfast
9:45-10:00am  Introductions, Review of Agenda

There is always the "next new thing" for marketers to do in digital media, but what is happening behind the scenes? How does the market operate financially? Gone are the days when it consisted of just four big portals. Now there are ad exchanges, DSPs, ad networks, aggregators on aggregators. There is a multibillion-dollar digital media "spot market" right now. Is digital media ripe for a futures market-potentially bigger than oil worldwide? How do we know what a "good" or "fair" price is? How do we manage and ensure quality and delivery of media? We as advertisers must understand this and make our voices heard before "market rules" have been established.
Andy Atherton
, COO - Brand.net

New ANA research provides some interesting insights on how marketers are using newer media to reach multicultural consumers. Some key findings:
• The majority of marketers are increasing spending on multicultural media overall, and more specifically newer media platforms, to reach multicultural customers.
• Multicultural marketers allocate, on average, 6.6% of their multicultural media budgets to newer media platforms (versus 15.6% in the general market). Therefore, it appears that multicultural marketers are not spending enough on newer media.
• Mobile is the one newer media platform that is employed considerably more often to reach multicultural consumers than general market consumers.
• Social media is the fastest growing newer media platform for targeting multicultural consumers.
In this session, ANA will share research findings and ask member participants to contribute their experiences.
Bill Duggan
, Group Executive Vice President - ANA

This session will provide an update on legislative developments and will provide a forum to discuss how these principles would affect the operations of your company in the online marketplace. Dan Jaffe, Executive Vice President, Government Relations at ANA will discuss the latest developments on self-regulatory principles for online advertising. Dan will also address any other important industry issues.
Daniel L. Jaffe
, Executive Vice President, Government Relations - ANA

ANA member roundtable discussions are great ways to share experiences and perspectives on specific topics, while learning from your peers from other companies. We'll discuss:

a. Original Web Series: The star of this year's highest-rated cable movie, Fred Figglehorn from "Fred: the Movie" on Nickelodeon, made his actual debut on YouTube. With the proliferation of original web series, advertisers are now able to tap into top original content with lower costs. In this session we will ask members to share experiences in their use sponsoring and/or integrating their brands into online series and provide examples of case studies they have seen in the marketplace.
b. ANA/MMA Mobile Marketing Study - Topline Findings
We will provide a brief topline summary of findings from the ANA/MMA Mobile Marketing Study fielded in fall 2010.
c. New ANA Committees for 2011 (Social Media and Mobile Marketing)
We will discuss the launch of the new ANA Social Media and ANA Mobile Marketing Committees solicit ideas on the evolution of the Digital Marketing Committee.
d. Ideas for ANA Digital Marketing Committee Industry Initiatives
We will ask for member suggestions for ideas on an industry initiative that the ANA Digital Marketing Committee can own in 2011.

Marni Gordon
, Director, Marketing & Media Committees - ANA



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