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Digital Marketing

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Begins: Friday, September 23, 2011 at 9:00am
Ends: Friday, September 23, 2011 at 2:30pm
Location: GSN
1065 Avenue of the Americas, 21st Floor
New York, NY

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9:00-9:45am Networking Breakfast
9:45-10:00am Introductions, Review of Agenda

Be the first to learn how your peers are navigating the explosion in newer media platforms. "Harnessing the Power of Newer Media Platforms for More Effective Marketing," is an exclusive survey from the ANA, exploring the use of search, social networks, user-generated content, podcasts, blogging, and more. Results of this survey will be debuted, debated and discussed. We will address issues including marketers' usage of newer media platforms, spending, measurement/ROI, resource allocation, and integration with other elements of the communications mix.

Jacinta Girmschei
d, Market Research Manager - ANA

Agency trading desks are independent subsidiaries set-up within holding companies to purchase digital ad inventory on exchanges as an alternative to ad networks. Clients therefore pay fees to the planning agency as well as to the trading desk. Lately, some have questioned whether agency trading desks are a conflict of interest, acting as an agency and vendor at the same time, i.e., "double-dipping." Agencies argue that, rather than executing a digital buy via an ad network, doing so via an agency trading desk is a better option as ad networks have very high margins and now instead, trading desks lower costs to clients while providing agencies with a fair profit.

This issue has only recently come to the attention of ANA and the purpose of this session is to better educate ANA and our members. There's a great article here for more background: http://www.digidaydaily.com/stories/the-trouble-with-trading-desks/

This session will feature a roundtable of experts to discuss the pros and cons of agency trading desks.

Bill Duggan,
Group Executive Vice President - ANA

Brian Lesser
, CEO - Xaxis (GroupM's Audience Buying Company)
John Montgomery, COO North America - GroupM Interaction
Joanna O'Connell, Senior Analyst - Forrester Research, Inc.

Additional Panelist to be Announced

In this session, we will have a members-only discussion to debrief and share thoughts on the agency trading desks panel session.

Bill Duggan
, Group Executive Vice President - ANA

With the growing popularity of social gaming, how do you create a game that is successful on both social and traditional destination sites? If it were easy to do all online games would be hits.

Peter Blacklow
, EVP, GSN Digital, will share proven techniques for creating a hit online game from a consumer perspective.

Advertiser objectives directly affect the way a game is designed. Advertisers must understand how to create games that enable them to achieve their goals on social and destination sites.

Matt Story, Director, Denuo, will share his perspective on what makes a game a success from a digital advertiser's perspective.  Matt is Denuo's "gaming guru" and has helped clients like Old Spice and T-Mobile build unique gaming programs in and around popular videogame titles and events.

Peter Blacklow
, EVP - GSN Digital
Matt Story,
Director -- Denuo

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the international non-profit group that is responsible for coordinating the Internet addressing system. On June 20, ICANN approved a plan to greatly expand the availability of generic top level domain names, or "gTLDs, " (such as .com or .org or .net). Under this plan, a company or individual anywhere in the world could purchase a new gTLD that includes virtually any word or phrase, including company or brand names. Thus, a domain name broker, a cybersquatter or even a competitor could attempt to purchase a new gTLD name that includes your company's brands.

ICANN has been considering this plan for several years and ANA and other groups have expressed our strong objections, but those concerns have fallen on deaf ears. This new plan from ICANN has multi-million dollar implications for your company and its brands. ANA believes it would cause irreparable harm and damage to the entire online business community. It would throw the domain name universe into substantial confusion for both marketers and consumers.

In this session, Bob Liodice, President/CEO - ANA will provide an update on this very important industry issue.

Bob Liodice
, President/CEO - ANA

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