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Production Management

This event has ended.
Begins: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 9:00am
Ends: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 2:30pm
Location: Reed Smith LLP
599 Lexington Avenue (at 52nd Street)
22nd Floor, Room 6
New York, NY

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Networking Breakfast: 9:00-9:30 am
Introductions and Review of Agenda: 9:30-9:45 am

Many advertisers are creating original music for use in their commercials, digital work and more. Did you know that if this music is not registered with performing rights societies, you are missing out on a valuable source of revenue? In this session, Ivy Tombak, President - Litchfield Entertainment Co., Inc. will discuss the benefits of registering original music with the performing rights societies and how to navigate the complexities of the royalty collection process so that no money is left on the table that is rightfully yours.

Ivy Tombak
, President - Litchfield Entertainment Co., Inc

CGI (computer generated imaging) gives companies and their ad agencies the ability to create ultra-realistic product images without using photography. These images can be multipurposed for all media platforms: TV, print, Web, social-media apps and more. In addition to this boundless flexibility, CGI hugely reduces photography and post-photography expenses such as retouching and color correction. Basically anything can be created in CGI from cellphones to cars to soda cans. In this session, Rob Bender, Chief Technology Officer - MCT, and Mike Banka, Senior Executive Account Management - MCT, will discuss the new technologies in CGI, applications, as well as the cost savings over traditional photography.

Rob Bender
, Chief Technology Officer - MCT
Mike Banka
, Senior Executive, Account Management - MCT

Even though social media and digital media are the hot topics these days, print is still an extremely important element of the marketing mix and it's here to stay. In this session, Neil O'Callaghan, Executive VP Operations & Technology - Hudson Yards and Ed Saturn, VP, Account Services - Hudson Yards will discuss the following:

  • Decoupling production from creative-How it works, Pros and Cons: More specifically dissecting the marketing execution supply chain and applying strategic sourcing disciplines to the marketing procurement function to reduce cost by decoupling the production spend from the creative spend.
  • Magazine Advertising Workflows-the Amazing Process Optimization Including proof-less workflows, automated web-based ad delivery portals, Ghent Workgroup, ad ticket and more.
  • New Cool Stuff: The latest technology advances in print solutions for marketers including QR codes, Web keys, Lenticular, 3D Print, CGI, Creative uses of OOH.

Neil O'Callaghan
, Executive VP Operations & Technology - Hudson Yards
Ed Saturn
, VP, Account Services - Hudson Yards

This session will call on all members to offer ideas and topics to pursue for future production management committee meetings. The more ideas we get from members, the more valuable and meaningful our meetings will be for the production management committee.

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