Agency/Client Forum presented by Starcom

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Business today is under extreme short-term pressure. For clients and agencies alike, Wall Street quarterly profit expectations are overwhelming longer-term decision making.

The conference will explore ways to enhance and improve the client/agency relationship dynamic to help lead to the best possible work and optimal business results.

Hosted by:
Eve Reiter
Vice President, Marketing & Advertising Category Management and Agency Relations
American Express
, ANA Agency Relations Committee

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*Live Streaming Option: We know that not everyone can travel to our Agency/Client Forum. So we have decided to stream it live! It's a great way to see sessions as they happen and communicate via chat with other participants online. You'll be able to hear the speakers and see their slides, just like any other webinar.
7:30am Breakfast
Sponsored by Mundocom

General Session

Opening Remarks
Bob Liodice
President and Chief Executive Officer

In the pursuit of better ROI from marketing activities, clients and agencies find themselves increasingly at odds with one another. This impasse is degenerating the client/agency relationship to one of finger pointing, name calling and a general blame game. It has become a public discourse focused on who is wrong versus a substantive effort to confront constructively and solve the problem. This escalates emotions, drives to extremes, and results in punitive and unilateral solutions. Additionally it plays into and emphasizes the negative stereotypes that diminish the image of both advertising and marketing. This is a problem that agencies and clients created together, own together and need to solve together. It has to be fixed. Now! Clive Sirkin will share one approach that Kimberly-Clark is taking to try address this issue in a constructive way.

Clive Sirkin
General Manager, Global Integrated Marketing
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Some thoughts on collaboration, compensation, crowd sourcing, emerging agencies, holding companies, talent, technology and other things that make agency-client relationships so much fun. Chuck Porter is co-founder of the hottest agency in the business over the past ten years (CPB was named Agency of the Decade by Ad Age), and is also the Chief Strategist for MDC Partners and the current Chair of the 4A's. With this unique perspective, he'll give you his take on the issues as seen by the industry, the holding company and the agency. Hopefully not in that order.

Chuck Porter
Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Chair, 4A's Board of Directors

An Advertising Age cover story earlier in the year reported on how Honda marketing head Steve Center challenged his agency to think more digitally. As a result, Honda’s relationship with its agency is stronger and the marketer is using its creative assets and messaging more efficiently. Ad Age cited this as a prime example that brands need to take charge of their agency partnerships and help lead agencies into a world of changing consumer behaviors and media habits. Honda’s agency model is unique in today’s super-fragmented, multi-media world. Agency RPA does virtually everything including creative, media, and digital. Further, the relationship has enjoyed amazing longevity—RPA was founded in 1986 and Honda has been a client since then.

Steve Center
Vice President, Marketing Operations
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Why do some client/agency partnerships thrive while others fail? And how can both parties improve the chances of success? In this new era of “relationship capital,” client/agency relationships can be strengthened, which then can lead to better business results. Drawing from his new book, Agency Mania ( as well as experience as Microsoft’s Director of Global Agency Management, Bruno Gralpois will make a compelling case on how to turn agency relationships into powerful competitive assets.

Bruno Gralpois
Director of Global Agency Management
Microsoft Corporation
Author of Agency Mania
Chair, ANA West Coast Agency Relations Committee

Our industry has long discussed the merits of new agency partnership models yet the traditional model with its inputs-based compensation and focus on efficiencies is still prevalent. Starcom USA EVP and Managing Director Rob Davis will discuss an evolution toward new symbiotic relationships that are mutually beneficial for marketers, their agencies, and the media and content partners they both engage. Specifically, he will address the need for open source architectures infused with more data than ever before to provide benefits that only true symbiosis can deliver. He will also cover how symbiotic relationships affect the way all other partners contribute to client objectives.

Rob Davis
Executive Vice President and Managing Director
Starcom USA


Sponsored by Starcom

Learn how advertisers and agencies today are working to strengthen their partnerships to produce the best work in a complex and changing marketing environment, while at the same time managing cost and resource pressures on both sides. This session will discuss best practices and case studies to:
  • Help advertisers build a more strategic partnership with their key agencies
  • Inspire agency teams and overcome common pain points
  • Plan resources for innovation and growth despite tight budgets
  • Develop a more meaningful and actionable 360-degree agency evaluation process
  • Improve collaboration among your cross-agency teams to deliver successful integrated marketing campaigns

Eve Reiter
Vice President, Marketing & Advertising Category Management and Agency Relations
American Express Chair, ANA Agency Relations Committee

Procurement has been a driver in marketing services for about a decade, but there continues to be widespread misalignment about the role between both procurement and internal marketing and procurement and external agencies. The purpose of the ANA Procurement Task Force is to elevate the state of marketing procurement and strengthen the relationships between the key stakeholders. The group has identified a number of best practices and has initiated a procurement mentoring program to counsel individuals whose procurement roles are in the initial or developing stages.

James Akers
Senior Director, WW Procurement Global Category Lead, Commercialization & Communications
Pfizer Inc

Lisa Figel
Group Category Manager, U.S. Agency Procurement
Johnson & Johnson

Fast paced, high energy, and so little time! Issues will be:

1. Procurement: There continues to be a wide gap between procurement and agencies on the value procurement brings to the client/agency relationship. How can that value be maximized?

2. Agency compensation: What's new and innovative?

3. Media companies as agencies: ESPN, Condé Nast, Hearst, and Meredith are among the media companies now offering creative services to advertisers. Are there real benefits to advertisers? And should agencies feel threatened?

4. Production decoupling: Who's doing it? Is this marginalizing agencies?

5. The role of multicultural agencies: As the population becomes increasingly diverse, are multicultural agencies still needed or can general market agencies do that job?

6. Pressure on agencies to cut costs: Marketers continue to challenge agencies to reduce internal expenses and to identify cost reductions. What's working and what's reasonable?

7. Improving the agency search process: Media fragmentation, new agency types, multiple reviews and frustrating RFP and pitch practices have all made the search process more complicated. How can that process be improved to benefit both advertisers and agencies?

8. Social media: Traditional ad agencies, digital agencies, and PR agencies are all claiming expertise. Who should really own social media?

9. Corporate social responsibility: What steps are client marketing teams and agencies partners taking to be more "green?"

10. The Future of Creative: What will the agency and client of the future look like in 5 years.

Bill Duggan
Group Executive Vice President

Anne Bologna
Executive Vice President, General Manager
Cramer-Krasselt New York

Pattie Glod
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Media
Limited Brands, Inc.

Ed McFadden
Group Manager, Partner Services
Target Corporation

Simon Pearce
Managing Director
Ogilvy Advertising

4:30pm Adjournment

Cancellation Policy and Notes

Refunds will be granted, excluding a processing fee of $100, if written request for cancellation is received by email or fax up to 30 calendar days before the conference starting date. You will receive a 60% refund if canceling between 14 and 29 days prior to the conference starting date. No refunds will be granted for any cancellations received less than 13 days of the conference as well as 'No Shows'. Your cancellation notice can be faxed to (646) 708.8113 attention Registration Coordinator or email Phone cancellations are NOT accepted. Hotel room cancellations are to be sent directly to the hotel.