2014 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference - Live Stream

This event is over.

We know that not everyone can travel to the Masters of Marketing Conference, so we have decided to stream it live! It's a great way to see sessions as they happen. The sessions will be recorded and posted online for 2 weeks and can be viewed on demand during that time period. Only the general sessions will be recorded and streamed, the meal functions and entertainment will not be viewable. 

**Registering for Live Streaming does not entitle you to attend any sessions in person.

 Cancellation policy for streaming:

  1. Live Streaming conference registrations can be cancelled in writing only via email (registration@ana.net) to the ANA Registration Office. Phone cancellations are not accepted.
  2. Refunds will be granted, excluding a processing fee of $125, if written request for cancellation is received by email (registration@ana.net) on or before October 15, 2014. No refunds will be granted for any cancellations received after October 15, 2014 or for 'no shows.'

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Thursday, October 16, 2014
8:00am General Session

Bob Liodice
President and Chief Executive Officer ANA
Gatlin C/D

Putting Brand Champions at the Center of Everything You Do

Placing your brand's champion at the center of every business decision is not a new idea. But brands that live by this simple credo today are breaking through in challenging low-growth markets and finding new ways to grow. At General Mills, a new generation of marketers start with purpose-led brands and put their brand champions at the center of everything they do on behalf of the brand. Join Mark Addicks to learn how the makers of Pillsbury, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Betty Crocker, Food Should Taste Good, Larabar, and Nature Valley brands start with real people to build relationships and follow their intuition to keep their brands relevant, meaningful, and truly useful.

Mark W. Addicks
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer General Mills Inc.

Bringing Humanity Back to Air Travel

Very few marketers would look to airlines for inspiration. JetBlue, however, as winner of 10 consecutive J.D. Power Awards for best airline in North America, is one of the few airlines that offers a truly differentiated product. In this session, learn how JetBlue has continued to deliver outstanding service while growing to almost 90 cities across North, Central, and South America.

Marty St. George
Senior Vice President, Commercial JetBlue Airways
9:45am Coffee Break - No Stream

Gatlin Foyer
10:15am General Session cont.

Transforming Marketing at Microsoft

In a mobile-first and cloud-first world, Microsoft is honing in on its unique ability to empower people to take advantage of technology so they can do more and achieve more as experiences increasingly span devices, services, and billions of sensors and screens. Customers and society expect Microsoft to maximize the value of technology while preserving values that are timeless. Marketing and marketers must help achieve the bold goals Microsoft has set, while creating a set of rabid fans for both its products and the company itself. In his role as CMO, Chris Capossela is setting an agenda to transform marketing at Microsoft. At this session, he will share his insights on the priorities for transformation while embracing what only Microsoft can contribute to the world.

Chris Capossela
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Microsoft Corporation
Gatlin C/D

American Licorice Finds Its Sweet Spot with Earned Reach

Driven by the rapid maturation and changing expectations of social and mobile media consumers, marketers must adapt strategies and develop branded content to fit within the inherent experience and individual nuances of the various platforms. Meanwhile, challenges include increasing fragmentation of the media landscape, the rising cost of paid impressions on social, and end users' growing wariness of overt advertising.

At American Licorice, media strategies are constantly being evaluated and optimized to create meaningful experiences for consumers. Michael Kelly will share how, by focusing on the targeted application of paid media to amplify creative content with earned reach, American Licorice is triggering brand engagement with very limited budgets.

Michael Kelly
Media/Consumer Communications Manager American Licorice Company

How Nissan is Building Global Brand Power

What needs to happen when a complex, major global business decides that increasing brand value is the core objective for its future growth? Nissan challenged itself to do just that when the company made "Brand and Sales Power" the foundation of its mid-term plan.

Join Nissan's head marketer, Roel de Vries, as he shares an inside look into the company's progress toward improving the value of its brands while growing both the top and bottom line. Learn how the company has set new global standards to manage the brand, drive more profitable relationships with customers, and optimize its agency's performance and marketing investment.

Roel de Vries
Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, Communication and Brand Nissan
12:15pm Luncheon - No Stream

2:30pm General Session cont.

Placing Customers at the Center of Your (Marketing) Universe

To enable its customers' business transformations as they prepare for the Internet of Everything, Cisco went through a significant transformation itself. The company shifted from a provider of networking gear to a trusted business advisor that delivers industry solutions of hardware, software, and services. Cisco CMO Blair Christie realigned the worldwide marketing and communications organization with Cisco's corporate strategy, a move that shifted the focus from marketing products to delivering specific customer outcomes. Concurrently, Ms. Christie and her team developed an innovative brand strategy, resulting in an award-winning brand campaign that moved Cisco up to No. 13 on Interbrand's most powerful global brands list and to the No. 1 brand in Forbes.

In this session, ANA President and CEO Bob Liodice joins Ms. Christie to discuss how Cisco redefined marketing's role within the organization and transformed the company's brand, leveraging new technologies, digital and social media, and 21st-century marketing disciplines focused on customer outcomes.

Blair Christie
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Cisco

My "Aha!" About Brand Growth

Delivering his first speech at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference since leaving Procter & Gamble in 2008, Jim Stengel will discuss his ongoing, post-P&G enlightenment about what really drives brand growth. This enlightenment has been inspired by a six-year worldwide journey, during which he studied fast-growth brands, learned from students across the globe, and advised large and small companies on organic growth. Mr. Stengel will also reveal his recommendations for what he feels the marketers in the audience should "act on," drawing from the lessons shared at the 2014 Masters of Marketing.

Jim Stengel
Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer The Jim Stengel Company, LLC
4:00pm Adjournment

Friday, October 17, 2014
8:00am General Session

Gatlin C/D

Winning the Revolution We Started

No question, Target faced some big challenges in the past year — from a cyber-attack and executive turnover to fierce competition and a snail-paced economic recovery in the U.S. But the lessons learned on the path to rebuilding consumer confidence and love are lessons for any brand. From talent and culture to technology and innovation, the company is challenging long-held beliefs to create the Target of tomorrow. Jeff Jones will share a look at where the brand is headed and the lessons learned along the way.

Jeffrey J. Jones II
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Target Brands, Inc.

How Does America's No. 1-Selling Greek Yogurt Brand Maintain Its Leading Position?

When Chobani was founded, Greek yogurt was only 1 percent of the yogurt market. Now it comprises more than half of the category. Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer at Chobani, embraced the challenge to position the company as the leader of the category. Join Mr. McGuinness to hear how Chobani continues to innovate faster than its competition, and learn the ways its brand platform and beliefs help the company defend its dominant position in the category.

Peter McGuiness
Chief Marketing and Brand Officer Chobani, LLC
9:30am Coffee Break - No Stream

Gatlin Foyer
10:00am General Session cont.

Kraft Harnesses Data to Drive Marketing Success

Kraft Foods was a data-driven organization long before big data became a mantra in modern marketing. Deanie Elsner shares how this predilection to use data to drive marketing decisions has evolved to a modern rewiring of the organization, in which data helps paint sharper pictures of its consumers. Kraft gains sometimes surprising insights that help it be more effective in connecting with consumers or lead to different strategies that radically change its effectiveness in marketing its brands.

Ms. Elsner will showcase how Kraft's Parallux — knowledge fueling action — influences marketing efforts on some of Kraft's most iconic brands.

Deanie Elsner
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kraft Foods Group, Inc.

Making the Complicated Simple

Simplification has never been more important, for both consumers and marketers. According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 79 percent of chief marketing officers expect a growing high degree of complexity over the next five years, but less than half feel prepared for it.

While some would argue that the sheer size of financial services companies has led to issues, Anne Finucane and Bank of America assert there is a different enemy — complexity. For example, in 1980, the typical credit card contract was a page and a half long; today it is 31 pages.

Ms. Finucane will discuss this challenge for marketers, as eloquently stated by Charles Mingus, albeit in a different context: "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple... that's creativity." Join Ms. Finucane to discover how this large, diverse, and complex financial services company repositioned itself around the very simple idea that "Life's Better When We're Connected."

Anne M. Finucane
Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Bank of America Corporation
Gatlin C/D

Disrupting a Category by Putting the Customer First

T-Mobile has single-handedly disrupted an industry through its "Un-carrier" strategy of defying "carrier" rules and putting the customer first. Its bold approach has struck a chord with consumers, making T-Mobile the fastest growing wireless carrier in America. Join "Un-CMO" Mike Sievert to learn how the brand managed this massive turnaround and intends to continue shaking things up in the wireless industry.

Mike Sievert
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer T-Mobile USA, Inc.
12:15pm Live Stream Adjournment