2017 ANA Data & Measurement Conference Presented by Google

The importance of data, analytics and measurement within an organization cannot be understated. It is why we have witnessed the rise of data science teams with heavy investments in building infrastructure to capture consumer data to understand how to capitalize on it.  In this increasingly competitive marketplace, marketers must find ways to satisfy ever-demanding consumers by employing tools to help identify and predict their behavior and needs and to measure and optimize marketing effectiveness. Leveraging data and measurement is invaluable to remain relevant and drive growth.

Is your organization ready to compete? Are you set up for success? Join us at the 2017 ANA Data & Measurement Conference, presented by Google, where we will explore topics such as applying a measurement mindset, using data-driven insights to drive real-time results, assessing the right metrics to make smarter decisions, developing best-in-class analytics capabilities, and much more! Come learn, network, and get inspired.

The hashtag for this event is #ANAMetrics.


Greg Pharo
Director, Media Analytics
The Coca-Cola Company
ANA Data & Measurement Committee Chair


Start: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 3:00pm

End: Friday, September 15, 2017 at 12:00pm


The Ritz-Carlton, Naples
280 Vanderbilt Beach Road
Naples, FL 34108

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
2:00pm Registration Opens

Registration Foyer
3:00pm Conference Kickoff Sessions


We know that marketing measurement is a central challenge for marketers today. Doing so successfully is a key driver to growth. Panera has partnered with Foursquare to connect their marketing strategy with Foursquare’s location intelligence to unlock growth opportunities.  In this session, these partners will share their learnings and insights leveraging leading-edge location-based solutions; the benefits, challenges and outcomes. 

Carol Wolowic
Senior Manager, Media Panera Bread
Gayle Fuguitt
Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation Foursquare
Jasper Synder
Senior Director, Ad Research & Measurement Foursquare
Vanderbilt Ballroom


Over the next decade, the industry needs to fix its problems in order to realize the full potential of the Internet. The industry’s complexity, concerns about how little of advertising investments actually reach the end publisher, and the easier and seemingly more effective options of leveraging Google and Facebook have left much of the Internet locked out from the lion’s share of advertising budgets.

Two key challenges need to be addressed to better compete for marketers’ dollars – viewability and inefficient supply chains. We need to build for a future in which viewability can emerge as the default currency, and advertisers will only pay for viewable impressions. We also need to clean up the supply chain. That means eliminating low-value intermediaries and charting the most efficient path between buyers and sellers. 

Marcus Startzel
Senior Vice President AppNexus
Vanderbilt Ballroom


There’s a big disconnect in marketing performance measurement.  Measurement spending is up, but CMO trust in analytics has dropped.   Worse, two thirds of brand marketers don’t even understand how to gauge the quality of their analytics.  Today’s marketers don’t have the training to understand today’s analytics tools.  In this session, learn the four cornerstones of successful marketing measurement so your teams can ask the right questions, measure ROI accurately, benchmark against best practices and create an effective measurement action plan.  Better measurement must drive better results.

Marc Vermut
VP, Advisory Services Neustar
Damian Fernandez-Lamela
Sr. Director, Global Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights Fossil Group
Vanderbilt Ballroom
6:00pm Reception  

Vanderbilt Courtyard
7:00pm Opening Dinner  

Don’t Let Data Deceive You

Marketing has become very dependent on data. Every day, data is used to make lots of judgments, particularly on how well campaigns are performing. And many of the judgments are made quickly since what the data is showing seems so obvious.

In this fun and engaging presentation, hear how data can be deceiving. At times, what may seem obvious may not be. In this presentation, you will learn to think twice before coming to quick conclusions. And your marketing campaigns will benefit from that.

Alon Amit
VP of Product and Co-Founder Origami Logic
Vanderbilt Ballroom
Thursday, September 14, 2017
7:30am Breakfast  

Lost in a Sea of KPIs: What Metrics Matter?

With countless ad effectiveness measures available today, choosing the right success metrics can be a challenge. Tech innovation has paved the way for advanced audience targeting and smarter attribution models, but industry focus has remained fixed on means-to-an-end factors like fraud detection and viewability, which don’t always lead to campaign ROI. With large advertising budgets at stake, how do we look only to the metrics that mean success?

In this session, comScore shares insights on how to bring focus back to the advertising metrics that matter.


Vanderbilt Ballroom
8:30am General Session

Opening Remarks

Bob Liodice
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


Architecting and building a higher-value hybrid cloud that incorporates cognitive computing and data analytics is the path forward. In addition to offering greater flexibility, scalability and central management, hybrid platforms deliver agility and choice with consistency that enables the business to move workloads to where they make the most sense. In this session, learn how Johnson & Johnson, which is a global and diversified company, is creating a truly unified approach to cloud computing with a seamless approach.

Daniel Zelem
Chief Technology Officer Johnson & Johnson
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


The analytics & insights industry is in a state of transformation. We can leverage the power of technology, data and development of behavioral sciences in innovative ways to provide higher quality of insights to better meet consumer needs and confidence in measurement to deliver marketing that works to drive business and brand growth. This requires a transparent, open and agile operating model. The alternative is to let this opportunity go by with walls, lack of transparency and fragmented measures that create an environment of waste and doubt. In this session, Procter & Gamble will discuss their approach and what we can do as an industry to realize the promise of this opportunity.

Kirti Singh
Global Vice President CMK, Analytics & Insights Procter & Gamble
Ritz Carlton Ballroom
10:40am Networking Coffee Break  

Ballroom Foyer
11:00am General Session Cont.


Digital advertising effectiveness measurement is very flawed. Netflix will share their experiences where they will explore the dark side of conversation optimization, some interim ideas for improvement, and the role in the long-term vision for effective marketing measurement.

Kathy O'Dowd
Director of Ad Tech, Ads Data Solutions Netflix
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


Analytics is a competitive advantage that can separate the winners from the also rans. However there is a difference between an analytics team that does interesting work and an analytics team that influences and drives significant business decisions. Building a successful analytics team requires not just good analytics work but also integration with business processes, education for decision makers, training for analysts & and a singular sense of purpose for the analytics team. In this session, Clorox will share its successes in building out an in-house analytics team that is respected both within and outside the company.

Ashish Joshi
Senior Director of Data, Analytics & Data Science The Clorox Company
Ritz Carlton Ballroom
12:20pm Lunch  

Vanderbilt Ballroom
1:20pm General Session cont.


The prevalence of data today is undeniable, but the real magic lies in the insights that make data actionable to render results. In this session, Brad Parscale discusses how data was leveraged to target and drive Republican voters during the 2016 presidential campaign and election. You will also learn how the evolving role of digital and the availability of real-time data and social response informed campaign decisions in ways unprecedented in previous elections.

Brad Parscale
President, Digital, Social, and Media Consultant Parscale Strategy
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


Modeled consumer data has become the new normal for scaling media target prospects beyond known customer records and many other applications in marketing and advertising.  This in-market study examines the variation in efficacy of modeled targeting across six DSPs that executed campaign lookalike targeting for AIG. 

Newcombe Clark
Global Director, Rapid Learning Lab AIG
Gerard Broussard
Principal Pre-Meditated Media
Stacey Schulman
EVP, Strategy, Analytics & Research, Katz Media Group CRE Big Data Committee Lead
Ritz Carlton Ballroom
2:40pm Networking Coffee Break

Ballroom Foyer
3:05pm General Session cont.


Too often we think tools and technologies are what it takes to gain that much needed competitive advantage. But time and time again, companies with the same capabilities separate into mainstream and leader cohorts. So what is the difference? The leaders have a different “mindset” — they have a growth mindset. This session will provide insights into how Google applies a growth mindset to measurement and optimization allowing them to achieve even greater levels of success.

Casey Carey
Director, Google Analytics & Platforms Marketing Google
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


Since 2013, Hilton has been changing its marketing strategy to become more portfolio-focused and to optimize spend. Hilton will share its approach to collecting and analyzing marketing data to optimize by channel, region, brand, and message, and how it assesses the right metrics to make creative and media decisions.

Deborah Heydel
Senior Director, Marketing Strategy & Performance Hilton
Ritz Carlton Ballroom
6:00pm Reception  

North Beach
7:00pm Dinner on Your Own

Friday, September 15, 2017
7:30am Breakfast  

Vanderbilt Ballroom
8:30am General Session


With the continued erosion of TV ratings coupled with the increasing costs of reaching your target audience, it has never been more important to understand the relative performance of Broadcast, Cable and premium TV Sponsorships in driving sales for advertisers.  In this session, learn how AT&T measures the sales impact of TV at the network and property level and leverages these insights to optimize its TV plan.

Charlie Hinton
AVP, Marketing Insights & Analytics AT&T
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


There are multiple touchpoints along a consumer’s path to conversion and each touchpoint plays an invaluable role and can be credited to conversion. A model is not effective if it focuses solely on First Touch or Last Touch attribution. It may be more expedient to attribute credit to a single touchpoint, but not the most effective. In this session, SunTrust will share their experiences developing models to measure conversion.

Roger Ares
SVP, Marketing Analytics & Client Insights SunTrust Banks
Ritz Carlton Ballroom
10:00am Networking Coffee Break  

Ballroom Foyer
10:20am General Session cont.


The rise of big data has been a huge step forward – and potentially back – for marketers.  We now have unprecedented scale and granularity of information about our potential consumers.  But even as we have more visibility into our marketing efforts, bad choices, bad actors and bad data have limited the potential returns.  There’s clearly a mismatch between our access to data and our ability to understand and leverage it successfully.  Are human beings just too unpredictable to predict? And how can Marketing create its own ‘great leap forward’ to keep pace with big data? Learn how Diageo is mining data to drive their business and how they are dealing with the “Big Data Deluge”.

Jason Chebib
Vice President, Consumer Planning Diageo North America
Ritz Carlton Ballroom

Session Details to Come

Aruna Paramasivam
Data Acquisition & Partnerships L'Oréal
Ritz Carlton Ballroom


At IBM, their CMO asked “What is the ROI of marketing?” and challenged her team to enable over 5,000 marketers to form ROI-driven decisions. At the enterprise level, IBM’s CMO also wanted to make marketing investment trade-off decisions across a vast portfolio of businesses. How did they do this?  IBM integrated a dozen disconnected data sources across marketing, sales, finance, operations, and media into one foundation. IBM incorporated best-in-class analytics capabilities for their marketers in an ROI-based management system. All of this is available to their marketers at one place with one click. And best of all, it works!  In this session, learn IBM's approach to global marketing transformation using their Cognitive Management System.

Akesh Bhalla
Managing Consultant IBM
Ritz Carlton Ballroom
12:30pm Conference Adjournment

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