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FTC to Host Forum on Online Behavioral Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will host a two-day Town Hall meeting to examine privacy issues and online behavioral advertising - the practice of tracking consumers' activities online in order to target advertising to them. The meeting will be held November 1-2, 2007 at the FTC Conference Center at 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington. DC.

The Commission will finalize topics and panelists in the next several weeks. The deadline for filing written comments for the event is October 19th.

ANA has worked closely with our member companies and other industry groups over the years to preserve the ability of marketers to collect and use consumer information in a responsible manner that protects the privacy rights of consumers.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for ANA input for the FTC forum or consumer privacy issues in general, please contact Dan Jaffe (djaffe@ana.net) or Keith Scarborough (kscarborough@ana.net) in ANA's Washington, DC office at (202) 296-1883.

Legislative and Regulatory Issues Tracking

ANA's Washington, DC office works to protect the ability of all marketers to communicate effectively with consumers.   The scope of legislation, regulations, and court cases impacting the marketing community continues to be extremely broad, extending to issues as diverse as online privacy, prescription drug advertising, restrictions on the tax deductibility of advertising costs and the regulatory powers of the Federal Trade Commission.

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Compendium of Legislative, Regulatory and Legal Issues

ANA's Washington, DC office plays a leading role in protecting the ability of all marketers to communicate effectively with consumers. At the end of each year, we prepare a Compendium which describes our efforts on the broad range of issues we have faced. 

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Alliance for Family Entertainment

The ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment (AFE) is a coalition of national advertisers, supported by the ANA, which represents almost 40% of all U.S. television advertising dollars..

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ANA and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) conduct broadcast talent negotiations with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) through the Joint Policy Committee, or JPC.

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