Proposed Standards for Food Marketing to Children Released at FTC Forum by Four Agency Working Group

ANA Testifies at  Forum on Advertising to Children and the First Amendment

Today, ANA took part in the FTC's Public Forum on "Sizing Up Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity."  Our statement argues that we can solve the challenge of obesity without supersizing censorship or downsizing First Amendment protections.   More on our statement can be read at Dan Jaffe's Regulatory Rumblings blog.

During a progress report on the four agency working group on food marketing to children set up in the 2009 Omnibus bill, proposed standards for food marketing to children from 2 to 17 were released.  

We would appreciate any input our members have on how these standards will affect their company's marketing.  You can reach Dan Jaffe in ANA's Washington office at 202-296-2359 or at with any comments or questions.