P&G and Time Warner Presentations Ranked Most Engaging at Inaugural ANA Creativity Conference, Results Based on Biometric Audience Reaction

December 16, 2010 - New York, NY - James Moorhead, Old Spice Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble, and Mark D'Arcy, President and Chief Creative Officer for Time Warner, delivered the most engaging presentations overall at the inaugural ANA (Association of National Advertisers) Creativity Conference, presented by Yahoo!, held Wednesday, December 8, in New York City.  The rankings come from Innerscope Research, Inc., which used biometric monitoring technology on a portion of attendees in a live demonstration study that measured real-time unconscious emotional engagement with the speakers throughout the day.

Some of the engaging individual moments included:

The most engaging video shown was the "Green Police" montage that Scott Keogh, Chief Marketing Officer of Audi of America, and Paul Venables, Founder and Creative Director of Venables Bell & Partners, incorporated into their remarks.  Their presentation focused on how Audi used creative and aggressive marketing to change attitudes in the U.S. toward the German luxury automaker. 

Innerscope's biometric monitoring system measures unconscious emotional response by tracking changes in heart rate, breathing, skin sweat, and motion.  The medical grade technology comes in a thin, lightweight band worn directly on the skin around the lower rib cage.  The physical indicators of emotion are monitored passively, so participants experienced the conference like any other attendee.  Patent-pending algorithms based on a modern understanding of the brain were used to process millions of bits of biologically-based information to deliver results immediately to the conference attendees.

"Each of the presentations at our inaugural Creativity Conference spoke to the importance of originality in marketing," said Bill Duggan, ANA Group Executive Vice President and a participant in the study. "Innerscope's technology helped us pinpoint the pinnacles from throughout the day, and showed that the element of surprise in a presentation is what really reaches an audience."

Dr. Carl Marci, CEO and Chief Scientist for Innerscope Research, was pleased with the results and the demonstration project.  "Great stories told well, engaging videos, and simple take-home messages consistently increased the audience's emotional engagement during presentations," said Dr. Marci. "We appreciated the opportunity to bring real-time results based in neuroscience to the ANA conversation on creativity."

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