2013 Continuing Resolution Blocks IWG Advertising Guidelines

The continuing resolution recently passed by Congress to fund the government through March 2013 contains a provision that prevents the Interagency Working Group on Food Marketed to Children from issuing its guidelines on advertising to children unless it first conducts a cost/benefit analysis.  

The provision in H.J. Res 117 simply carries over the prohibition in the 2012 omnibus appropriations bill by prohibiting any spending on any project for which funds were not available during fiscal year 2012.  The bill passed the House on September 13th on a 329-91 vote and passed the Senate early Saturday morning on a 62-30 vote.  These provisions will be in effect until March 27, 2013.

We will continue to push for a cost/benefit analysis of the proposed IWG guidelines before they are fully issued when the relevant appropriations bills are finally passed.