ANA Urges ICANN to Adopt Effective Mechanism for Limited Preventative Registrations (LPRs) as Part of New TLD Universe

Concerned that the rights protections mechanisms currently in place are dangerously inadequate, ANA has urged the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to adopt an effective mechanism for Limited Preventative Registrations (LPRs) as it considers proposals for enhancing trademark protection during the upcoming launch of new gTLDs.  

The comments argue that a strong LPR mechanism is critical to addressing the serious problem of defensive registrations. Our comments describe the additional costs that will be imposed on brand owners with the new universe of gTLDs, which could easily reach $7-$14 billion in sunrise and landrush acquisitions alone. 

The comments also urge that the LPR be accompanied by other ICANN reforms.  In addition to the LPR, stakeholders and the Internet need a WHOIS database that is reliable and accurate; a more functional Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) system; and a compliance department at ICANN that will diligently pursue wrongdoers without fear or favor.

ANA has been advocating for serious reforms in ICANN’s operations and rules for more than a year.  The international law enforcement community and consumer protection agencies have also called on ICANN to do much more.