ANA Writes to ICANN CEO About Concerns Over His Comments on Strawman/LPRs

ANA has written a letter to ICANN CEO Fadi Cheahdé describing our concerns over recent comments he made about the so-called “Strawman” Proposal at a meeting of registries and registrars in Amsterdam on January 25.  

His comments, which describe the process around the consideration of the Intellectual Property Constituency and Business Constituency (IPC/BC) Strawman proposal and the related ANA-supported Limited Preventative Registration (LPR) proposal as “trying to take a second bite at the apple” and a “mistake,” are troubling to members of the trademark and brand communities.  

With the unprecedented growth in Top Level Domains (TLDs) and Second Level Domains (SLDs), additional protections are needed for trademark and brandowners.  Many brandowners participated in discussions through the IPC/BC and responded to ICANN’s request for comments on the Strawman and LPRs.  This comment period is still open.  Prior to Mr. Chehadé’s comments in Amsterdam, ICANN had seemed responsive to our concerns.  His comments now raise serious questions as to whether ICANN intends to seriously consider the comments it has received and will implement additional protections that are vitally important to our community and to consumers.

If you have any questions, you can reach Dan Jaffe in ANA’s Washington office at 202-296-2359 or at