Vermont Attorney General Targets Food Marketing to Children

The Attorney General of Vermont, Bill Sorrell, plans to target and look for new ways to regulate food marketing to children.  

The Attorney General took part in a hearing that was held on Wednesday, April 10th, by the House Committee on Health Care of the Vermont General Assembly, focusing on food marketing to children.  Here is an article from the Rutland Herald describing the hearing.  According to the article, Attorney General Sorrell will “attend a conference next month at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, where he and fellow attorneys general from across the country will focus on ‘the current state of food industry marketing to kids.’”

The advertising community has a very positive story to tell about the proactive steps we have taken to address childhood obesity.  Fortunately, an Assistant Attorney General in Vermont acknowledged that there are serious First Amendment concerns with any effort to restrict advertising.

We plan to work with our member companies and allied industry groups to respond to Attorney General Sorrell and other state AGs who may focus on these issues.

If you have any information or questions about this matter, please contact Dan Jaffe ( or Keith Scarborough ( in ANA’s Washington, DC office at (202) 296-1883.