WHO Europe Calls For Marketing Restrictions on Foods High in Fat, Salt, and Sugar to Children

WHO Europe has released a report calling on policy makers to increase restrictions on the marketing of foods high in fat, salt, and sugar (“HFSS”) to children. The report states that a majority of television ads for food in Europe are for HFSS foods and beverages and says that high obesity is linked to television viewing, including advertising on television. It also details new methods that companies are using to engage children on digital platforms, including “advergaming.” Additionally, the report notes industry self-regulatory efforts, but says they are insufficient in addressing the problem.

The press release from WHO Europe is available here. Additionally, the British newspaper The Guardian published an article about the report.

We are working with the World Federation of Advertising (WFA) to obtain more information about this report. Also, it is possible that these initiatives will heat up activity in regard to food advertising in the United States.