ANA Files Reply Comments on ICANN's Proposal to Mitigate Name Collision Risks

ANA has filed reply comments in regard to ICANN’s recent Proposal to Mitigate Name Collision Risks. We reiterated our call for ICANN to extend the time period for analysis of this potential problem. ANA previously called for such an extension on both August 9th and August 27th. We point out in our Reply Comments that other entities have weighed in and have indicated that more time is needed for a sufficiently thorough analysis. ANA also reiterated our call for a qualitative analysis of the potential risks, in addition to the inadequate quantitative analysis performed in a relatively small snapshot of DNS activity carried out by ICANN's own consultants.

ANA continues to believe that the potential risks are very serious and substantially outweigh any benefit that will come from a rapid deployment of new TLDs without adequate further security and stability protections initiated.