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Ad Tax Talking Points

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Taxing advertising will severely impact the economy and lead to significant job loss. Advertising is a vast driver of sales and jobs and is an essential component of the U.S. economy.

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Lexecon Study

At the request of The Advertising Coalition, the economic consulting firm of Lexecon, Inc., and its affiliates, Nobel Laureates Dr. Kenneth Arrow of Stanford University and the late Dr. George Stigler of the University of Chicago examined the economic effect of a change in the tax treatment of advertising expenditures. 

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The Advertising Coalition

The Advertising Coalition (TAC) is comprised of media companies and national trade associations whose members are advertisers, advertising agencies, advertising clubs, broadcast networks, cable operators and program networks, and newspaper and magazine publishers. These companies and associations share a common objective – to protect advertising from initiatives by the federal government to tax or restrict the content of advertising. 

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Model Letter for writing to the Hill

Model Letter for writing to the Hill from keith and dan

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What Amortization Would Mean

Get more information on how amortizing advertising costs would affect U.S. economic output and job creation.

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Video Content

ANA video on the advertising tax proposals: