Team Training Catalog

The ANA is an industry leader in delivering marketing workshops to fulfill the training needs of our members most valuable asset: Their people. With over 250 workshops implemented for our members last year, it is easy to see why so many of our members are turning to the ANA for their training needs and requirements.

Each member company has a need for specific training, and the ANA has a solution that is right for your team.

Below is a list of our team workshops.  For more information about how to bring a workshop to your team, please feel free to contact us at

Aligning Marketing to Sales   
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: In this marketing and sales alignment workshop, participants will learn that alignment offers the single greatest opportunity for improving business performance. Participants will learn how to coordinate marketing and sales objectives, strategies, activities, and goals.

Assignment Briefing
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This assignment brief workshop will help participants gain an appreciation for the importance of this oft overlooked document while learning exactly what content is necessary to generate world-class creative from their agencies.

Big Data for Marketers
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This big data workshop uses case studies of how big data is captured, created, analyzed, and applied in product development, customer experience enhancement, new customer acquisition, channel management, and the creation of new business models.

Brand Management Fundamentals
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This brand management workshop will cover planning, developing, and directing the marketing mix. The workshop will take participants beyond the basics to the practical skills needed to coordinate the efforts and responsibilities of others.

Content Marketing
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This highly interactive, content strategy workshop will take participants through the process of creating a content strategy that will be immediately actionable once they are back at the office.

Customer Centricity
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This customer centricity workshop provides participants with insight into the strategies needed to create a customer-driven organization as well as an understanding of the techniques and skills needed to execute consumer-centric strategies.

Customer Experience Design
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This customer experience workshop offers participants practical advice, tools, and tips on how to leverage journey mapping in their customer experience activities to drive differentiation, earn alignment, and generate valuable word of mouth.

Digital Marketing
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This digital and social media workshop walks participants through the practical steps and best practices organizations need in order to successfully launch a digital marketing platform that delivers on the power of the web.

Effective Writing For Any Platform
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: In this writing workshop, participants will explore and engage in writing across a range of platforms: classic print (ads and collateral material), digital (web and emails) and social (Twitter, Facebook, and blogs).

Elevating Your Creative
Lengths:  Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This engaging effective creative workshop uses case studies, team exercises, and creative examples to help participants evaluate creative work and hone their feedback technique.

From Insights to Great Messaging
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This highly engaging and interactive insights workshop will enable you to develop breakthrough marketing messaging based on real consumer insights. Participants will leave with actionable templates they can immediately apply to real-time marketing situations.

Integrated Marketing Communications
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This integration workshop will teach participants that integration involves more than traditional marketing channels. Participants will learn that integration is a strategic business process that ensures all efforts work together as a unified force.

Integrating Across Your Organization
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This workshop will teach senior leaders four types of integration to engage internal and external stakeholders. Participants will learn that integration is a strategic business process that ensures all efforts work together as a unified force.

Marketing Innovation
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This innovation in marketing workshop will help participants understand and drive innovation in their marketing programs. Utilizing team exercises and brainstorming sessions, participants will develop a strategy for a real marketing challenge.

Marketing Matters
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This practical, real world marketing matters workshop helps participants enhance their marketing knowledge and skills to better direct the overall marketing function and drive corporate growth more efficiently and effectively.

Marketing Plan in a Day
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This marketing plan in a day workshop will use a collaborative method that focuses on three key questions: Where are we now? Where are we going? How will we get there?

Marketing Measurement
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This interactive marketing measurement workshop will help participants overcome common obstacles to developing smarter, more insightful ways of measuring the impact of their marketing investments on business results.

Marketing Research
Lengths: Half Day, Full Day
Description: This high-energy, interactive marketing research workshop utilizes both quantitative and qualitative techniques to help participants optimize current research efforts and understand alternatives that may work for their brands.

Media Strategy
Lengths:  Half-Day, Full-Day
Description:  This media strategy workshop is designed to elevate the participant’s comprehension and understanding of media in a manner that, if applied to their brand or service, will become part of their organization’s marketing DNA.

Mobile Marketing
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This mobile marketing workshop is designed to give participants a no-nonsense introduction to the fundamentals of mobile marketing, and is focused on providing practical how-to tips and techniques, rather than simple theory.

Multicultural Marketing- Marketing to the New Majority
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This multicultural marketing workshop will show participants how to identify, formulate, and implement effective strategies and integrated marketing campaigns to effectively connect with Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American audiences.

Optimizing Agency Relations
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This workshop guides participants through the nuances of client-agency management. Participants will learn about agency differences, what motivates an agency, collaboration and orchestrating multiple agencies, and effective briefing and feedback.

Optimizing Your Ad Production Spend
Lengths: Full-Day
Description: This ad production spending workshop will present the strategies for procuring the best deals within the ad production supply chain, including leveraging creative assets, making the most of production incentives, setting up preferred vendor deals, etc.

Procurement Beyond Savings
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This marketing procurement workshop will provide participants with the fundamentals required to explore the efficiencies of agency management in order to create cost savings, higher return on investment, and better value from their advertising expenditures.

Social Media Strategy
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description: This social media workshop provides a deeper understanding of social as it pertains to business. The goal is to not just see examples of how other companies use it, but align your team to social strategies.

Sports Sponsorship: How to Play Smart and Win Big
Lengths: Full-Day
Description:  This sports sponsorship workshop will help participants think about and win in this complex and expensive world. Participants will be empowered to think practically as to how to strike deals and implement programming.

Strategic Marketing
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day, Two-Day
Description: This strategic marketing workshop provides tools for developing an effective marketing strategy by examining how firms can profitably create and sustain customer value. Learn ways to drive long-term customer value by delivering above and beyond expectations.

The Art & Science of Brand Building
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day, Two-Day
Description: This brand building workshop provides an understanding of why brands are important to customers and companies, how brands can make emotional connections to buyers’ minds, and how to build and communicate a brand strategy.

Length: Two-Day
Description: The ThinkLab™ workshop is the foundation of the combustion process for igniting organizational productivity, thinking, and innovation through creativity. This internationally proven process will enable participants to utilize creativity to attain business goals.

Winning Email Marketing Strategies
Lengths: Half-Day, Full-Day
Description:  This email marketing workshop will reveal both the strategic roadmap and specific tactics for successful email marketing that drives sales, builds brand awareness, nurtures leads into new customers, and directly produces revenue.