Marketers Foresee a Boost In Multicultural Advertising Budgets — Portada Online

November 7, 2007

At the ANA Multicultural Conference: Goal to Increase Multicultural Advertising Budgets

More than 430 attendees participated in the ANA Multicultural Conference yesterday and Monday in Boca Raton, FL.. The conference had a ratio of 60:40 per cent (60 per cent clients vs. 40 per cent Agency, Media, other)…


All panelists in the digital media panel, including Isaac Mizrahi, Director Multicultural Marketing Sprint Nextel Corporation, Kay Madati, VP of Marketing of Community Connect, Inc., the mother company of social networking website, and Tamara Barber, data analyst, Forrester Research agreed that that there are huge opportunities in digital marketing to Hispanics, particularly in e-mail marketing and mobile marketing. Regarding the latter, the ANA, Association of National Advertisers, released a survey according to which 38 per cent of multicultural marketers are using mobile mobile market vs. just 28% in the general market. Twenty percent of multicultural marketers use social networks as ad platforms. Thirty-six percent of multicultural marketers plan to advertise in Social networking sites vs. 19% for general market advertisers.

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