FCC Targets Indecency On Mobile Devices- Radio Ink

FCC Targets Indecency On Mobile Devices

In a recent speech delivered at the Association of National Advertisers Advertising Law and Business Affairs Conference, Tate said, "As we enter the age of content delivery over mobile devices, there is a whole new set of questions to address regarding how to provide ratings, how to block objectionable content, and whether the FCC has a role to play in this arena.

WASHINGTON -- February 22, 2008: FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate says the FCC is looking into how its indecency regulations could extend to the increasing availability of audio and video content delivered to mobile devices.


Tate heaped praise on the wireless industry for taking the initiative on the issue. "Now that wireless devices are being marketed to children as young as six, I have encouraged the wireless industry to be part of the solution as well," she said.

"Just last fall, AT&T launched its 'Smart Limits for Wireless' initiative, which helps parents protect children from inappropriate calls, texts, and Internet content by allowing them to block numbers they deem inappropriate and filter access to content on their child's phone."

Tate also challenged advertisers in the room to do their part. "I urge you to take whatever voluntary steps you think are prudent to answer the call of parents to protect children from anti-family-friendly content," she said. "I believe that market-based solutions are the best way to achieve our shared goals and to provide parents the tools they need to be the first line of defense for their children."

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