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DTV Transition Impacts Ad Production-RTO Online

"Television broadcasting is entering a whole new era, and as one of the leading voices in the industry, it is the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)'s job to offer counsel on how advertisers can best adapt to these changes," said Bob Liodice, President and CEO of the ANA. "Advertisers need to understand the financial and creative implications and start thinking now about which format they will choose."

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As television broadcasting moves to a digital-only format, Networks likely will accept commercials in only one format; some networks already have this requirement. Advertisers will have to choose to ship either a high-definition (HD) 16:9 or standard-definition (SD) 4:3 format. The choice of formats will have financial and creative implications for rent-to-own companies developing TV commercials.


Growing Interest in High-Definition Television Means New Formatting Requirements for Advertising

According to Forrester Research, approximately 46 million U.S. households are expected to have high-definition (HD) televisions by the end of 2008, increasing to 55 million by year-end 2009.


Some ANA members have reported to the association that the left and right sides of their HD commercials have been cropped off, in some instances, on 4:3 televisions. This is why advertisers producing in HD need to make sure that all essential information — including character action, logos, titles and legal disclaimers — resides in the center portion of the frame. This is called center-cut protection. By placing important information in the center part of the frame, you will ensure that nothing vital is lost when your HD commercials are viewed on SD sets.


Apart from financial implications, other considerations exist with HD projects:

Best practices:

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