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Media Alert: ANA Reveals 2008 Annual Conference Polling Results

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) held its 2008 Annual “Masters of Marketing” Conference from October 16-19, 2008, in Orlando, FL. The theme of the conference was Growth, which held great importance given the current economic climate that the marketing industry faces.

The 1,200 attendees, made up of client-side marketers, media and creative agencies and others, were polled via handheld devices about their marketing mix, budgets, plans, and tactics throughout the event. The questions and their responses are below.

Spending will be reduced (33%)

Spending will be constant / marketing mix will be reallocated (33%)

Surprisingly, we will spend more (27%)

No changes, we will keep everything status quo (8%)

As a brand-building investment (56%)

As an unaccountable but necessary expense (21%)

Not sure (15%)

As an unnecessary expense (8%)

None (32%)

YouTube (20%)

facebook (18%)

All (12%)

LinkedIn (10%)

MySpace (6%)

Twitter (3%)

Increase spending more than 10% (26%)

Increase spending less than 10% (13%)

Hold stable (28%)

Decrease spending less than 10% (14%)

Decrease spending more than 10% (19%)

Traditional 30-second spots (17%)

One page advertisements in a newspaper/magazine (7%)

Web advertising (16%)

Social media integration (28%)

Direct Marketing (7%)

Grassroots, viral public relations (19%)

Radio (5%)

Sales and net income (70%)

Third party brand equity valuations (15%)

Shareholder value (9%)

Household penetration (4%)

Company culture (3%)

To speak with ANA President Bob Liodice about these issues, please contact Lesley Neadel at (917) 595-3034, or lneadel@cooperkatz.com.


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