The ANA: Making A Difference

We focus relentlessly on driving growth by fueling smarter marketing and leading industry change. By commanding the industry agenda, shaping the future of marketing, and championing marketing excellence, the ANA enhances career development and advances, promotes, and protects the interests of marketers. 

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Talk To Us

The ANA is at the forefront of everything for our industry. We’re all so busy with the business every day, driving growth, trying to get those numbers up, really doing the job. The ANA helps us stay ahead, push the limits, and make sure that we as a marketing industry are focused on the right issues.
-Deborah Wahl, Former Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s USA, LLC

“The ANA gives us some insights that we never had before and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, with competitors, and with other people who want to learn as much as possible. If it wasn’t for the ability to learn from one another, to exchange ideas, then we would just be working in our own little siloes in a vacuum. We want to be challenged.”
-Bill Stabile, Executive Director of Branding, Advertising, and Sponsorships, Siemens Corp.