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ANA Members Recommend "Ask the Expert"

These are some of our favorite testimonials from ANA members who have used Ask the Expert, ANA's Research Service, for their marketing needs. Find out why they highly value this complimentary benefit that saved them time and money! Have a marketing question or challenge? Make your request today.

"An incredibly valuable resource"The ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center puts years of marketing knowledge and insights from diverse industries right at the marketer's fingertips and is an incredibly valuable resource. Further, the inquiry service available through the MKC is great when you need a little more help with your research into a particular topic. The knowledge specialists are highly responsive and do a thorough job. I think the service is just great!

Jim Speros, Executive Vice President, Fidelity Investments


"The CMO was very pleased with the data he received."I got a request from my CMO that needed to be fulfilled quickly. I used the chat function on the site and worked with Sara to get what I needed. The entire process was done in less than 15 minutes and the CMO was very pleased with the data he received. Thanks for the help and quick turnaround.

Sherry Ulsh, Senior Director of Marketing Finance and Analysis, Church's Chicken

"A robust and thorough sample of case studies, articles, and white papers." In a short time, ANA Knowledge Center provided a robust and thorough sample of case studies, articles, and white papers on my requested topic. It was succinctly summarized but also links to all the detail for more background. Really helpful and timely.

Stevie Benjamin, Director of Media, MillerCoors


"Process was very easy to navigate and they were very speedy." I just learned about the ANA after attending an introductory meeting about it and decided it would be worth it to submit a request to gather more information about best practices in the industry for email marketing. We are in the process of putting together an internal website to gather all this type of information together in one spot so we will be using what was provided to supplement information we already had. The process was very easy to navigate and they were very speedy in their response! I definitely recommend it.

Carmaine Cotham, Marketing Specialist, Vision Service Plan

"Help drive our project plan and help us substantiate our work." While there are lots of great benefits to being an ANA member, the Knowledge Center is my favorite. I keep a page in the back of my notebook dedicated to questions that I think of or I'm asked. I don't have a lot of time to sift through all the reports out there, so having a team dedicated to researching statistics or best practices is a great asset. The findings help drive our project plan and help us substantiate our work.

Tessa Riess, Director of Media and Marketing Planning, Bridgepoint Education


"Proven on multiple occasions to be a valuable resource."ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center Inquiry Service has proven on multiple occasions to be a valuable resource when reaching a wall in an effort to gather marketing information including case studies.

Jackie Halfond, Local Marketing Manager, Panera Bread

"Personalized service and Grade-A attention to its member companies."ANA and Mary Anne Farrell have been tremendously helpful in our projects. They are an incredibly valuable resource that provided personalized service and Grade-A attention to its member companies.

Hossain Albgal, Segment Strategy Intern, Wells Fargo



"Extremely responsive."ANA was extremely responsive in fulfilling my request.

Dan Kulik, Senior Manager of Owner Connect Marketing, Hyundai Motor America

"Highly efficient in delivering requests to me that are accurate per my needs."My ANA contact, Lauren Dzura, provides prompt responses when needed and furnishes reports I request very effectively. She provides additional recommendations as well and is highly efficient in delivering requests to me that are accurate per my needs. She requires very little direction and is very courteous and thorough in her delivery.

Alka Khungar, Manager, Customer Experience, ADT Security Services


"Provide us with timely data and resources..."We are very pleased with the customer service and support ANA provides its members. Time after time when we need assistance ANA has been able to provide us with timely data and resources.

Linda Bidwell, Senior Group Manager of Purchasing, Hyundai Motor America

"Provides cutting-edge and relevant information..."The ANA Marketing Knowledge Inquiry service provides cutting-edge and relevant information regarding either specific or broad requests. The organization gathers tremendous insights and data that would give any member both the knowledge and confidence to make decisions on their marketing plans.

Louis J. Figurito, Direct Marketing Specialist, United States Postal Service


"Every request has outstanding results."I have to tell you that Mary Anne Farrell exceeds my expectations every time I reach out to her. Not only does she respond to me immediately but is so detailed that every request has outstanding results. She is a star and I greatly appreciate her dedication and support to drive spectacular results! THANK YOU.

Karen Lechner, BTO, IBM

"Extremely responsive to information requests I had with very short notice."Sara Stein in the Marketing Knowledge Center was extremely responsive to information requests I had with very short notice. Within a day, she was able to bring together the right data sources, Redbook, that I would not have had immediate access to. Thanks, Sara.

George Dan, Global Media Sourcing, Kraft Foods


"Information was in great depth and was instrumental in deciding..."Michelle [Lazarus] provided the results of her research promptly, the information was in great depth and was instrumental in deciding to use this vendor in an important long-term contract. Michelle, you are AWESOME!

Sharon Davis, Procurement Paralegal, Home Depot

"Fast information on how to justify advertising investment" I needed fast information on how to better justify advertising investment. The ANA team quickly provided multiple resources to help make my case. Senior management thought my summary of the materials created a compelling argument for increased investment.

Steve LeVeau, Director of Marketing, Central Garden & Pet Company


"Beautifully summarized—delivered QUICKLY"The ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center brings the vast knowledge of the membership base to me — information provided is tailored to my issue — beautifully summarized — delivered QUICKLY, and provides me with paths to get additional information if I need it, while protecting confidentiality. Fantastic!

Connie Pincus, Associate Director, Global Advertising Alliance Team, Johnson & Johnson

"A great experience" Working with the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center has been a great experience. I had fast and easy access to a vast source of [marketing resources], but the real value is in the network and the ability of talking directly to your peers on marketing subjects across many different industries.

Jan Colpaert, Director Global Marketing Operations, Levi's


"Great information, on time, as promised. Thank you for the great work."

Richard Giuliani, Category Manager, GPS Procurement Services, Marketing Communications, IBM

"Detailed, helpful information..." I've used the ANA's MKC for many years and have always been impressed with the quick turnaround and detailed, helpful information that has been provided. Many thanks!

Antonio Humphreys, Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Marketing Services, The Gap


 "Essential for me..." The marketing insights are essential for me to size up best practice and background information to help build my knowledge and direction for overall plans for cost savings. In addition, the marketing insights builds on defining value beyond cost savings, which is where I see the future of the strategic sourcing role.

Dustin Lyle, Director, A&P Procurement, Bacardi

"thrilled with the results" I am thrilled with the results, the speed with which the request was addressed and completed and with the super hands-on contact.  I am sure I will present many more [requests]! Thank you ANA!

Lisa Reckart, Director of Owner Communications, Marriott Vacation Club International


"Impeccable" My team and I have used ANA's Knowledge Research Service several times since being members and their customer service, follow-up, and attention to detail is impeccable.

Jaime Vasquez, Executive Vice President and CMO, Wellbiz Brands, Inc.

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