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Each ANA committee meets three to four times a year, usually from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Depending on the committee, 10 to 30 participants may attend: that's big enough for diversity of opinion, yet small enough for more intimate exchange. Members can also participate remotely. Meetings feature a mix of member case studies, perspective from outside experts, and benchmarking/best practice sharing.

To join, please contact the ANA Committees team:

Talia Fisher, Coordinator, Committees: tfisher@ana.net | 212.455.8008
Shannon Scanlin, Manager, Committees and Conferences: sscanlin@ana.net | 212.455.8037
Mala White, Senior Manager, Committees and Conferences: mwhite@ana.net | 212.455.8084
Janine Martella, Director, Committees and Conferences: jmartella@ana.net | 212.455.8039
Meghan Medlock, Director, Committees and Conferences: mmedlock@ana.net | 212.455.8032
Christopher Scirocco, Director, Committees and Conferences: cscirocco@ana.net | 212.455.8089
Greg Wright, Director, Committees and Conferences: gwright@ana.net | 212.455.8038
Marni Gordon, Senior Vice President, Committees and Conferences: mgordon@ana.net | 212.455.8048

ANA Committee Member Testimonials

"ANA committees are an invaluable way to learn more about key industry issues, trends and best practices from other advertisers and industry experts. I always learn something I can apply to my job and share with others on my team."
Eve Reiter, VP, Global Agency Relations, American Express and Chair of ANA Agency Relations Committee

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Upcoming Meetings

Production Management

New York, NY

Advertising Financial Management, West Coast Chapter

Glendale, CA

Joint Meeting of Digital & Social and Mobile Marketing

New York, NY

Midwest Digital & Social

Chicago, IL

Advertising Financial Management

New York, NY

Shopper Marketing

Bentonville, AR

Agency Relations

New York, NY

Media Leadership, West Coast Chapter

Oakland, CA

Sponsorship & Event Marketing

New York, NY

Agency Relations, West Coast Chapter

Los Angeles, CA

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