Join ANA Committees on LinkedIn

ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn

At the ANA, we believe collaboration is key--ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn provide a platform for people to connect, develop new ideas, inspire fellow marketers, and facilitate peer-to-peer networking.

Participation on ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn is a benefit of ANA membership. Joining an ANA Committee Group on LinkedIn will provide you with access to these exclusive (client-side marketing) content and benchmarking opportunities that cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: integrated marketing, social media, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and more!

ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn allow you to access content from ANA committee meetings from all over the country; share the latest information on industry trends; network with your colleagues; benchmark your peers from all over the country-at any time-on key marketing issues; and the ability to ask your peers questions anonymously through our community managers.

Interested? Get involved today! Simply sign-in to LinkedIn and search for our overall ANA Marketers group. Once you join the ANA Marketers group, feel free to request to be a part of any of our subgroups including the ANA Integrated Marketing Committee group, the ANA Digital, Social Media & Mobile Marketing Committee group, and more to come!