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ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn

At the ANA, we believe collaboration is key--ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn provide a platform for people to connect, develop new ideas, inspire fellow marketers, and facilitate peer-to-peer networking.

Participation on ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn is a benefit of ANA membership. Joining an ANA Committee Group on LinkedIn will provide you with access to these exclusive (client-side marketing) content and benchmarking opportunities that cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: integrated marketing, social media, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and more!

ANA Committee Groups on LinkedIn allow you to access content from ANA committee meetings from all over the country; share the latest information on industry trends; network with your colleagues; benchmark your peers from all over the country-at any time-on key marketing issues; and the ability to ask your peers questions anonymously through our community managers.

Interested? Get involved today! Simply sign-in to LinkedIn and search for our overall ANA Marketers group. Once you join the ANA Marketers group, feel free to request to be a part of any of our subgroups including the ANA Integrated Marketing Committee group, the ANA Digital, Social Media & Mobile Marketing Committee group, and more to come!

ANA Committee Member Testimonials

"ANA committees are an invaluable way to learn more about key industry issues, trends and best practices from other advertisers and industry experts. I always learn something I can apply to my job and share with others on my team."
Eve Reiter, VP, Global Agency Relations, American Express and Chair of ANA Agency Relations Committee

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Upcoming Meetings


New York, NY

Digital & Social, West Coast Chapter

San Diego, CA

Production Management

New York, NY

Advertising Financial Management, West Coast Chapter

Glendale, CA

Joint Meeting of Digital & Social and Mobile Marketing

New York, NY

Midwest Digital & Social

Chicago, IL

Advertising Financial Management

New York, NY

Shopper Marketing

Bentonville, AR

Agency Relations

New York, NY

Media Leadership, West Coast Chapter

Oakland, CA

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