2017 Winners



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The Global ACE Awards is the longest-running B2B creative competition in The United States, and a signature competition and event of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) New York chapter. The 2017 event was held at Forbes on Fifth. Forbes, Demandbase, Siegel+Gale, and IBM were sponsors.

Winners were named in 39 categories by a global panel of judges. Categories ranged from integrated campaigns, social media, mobile marketing and content marketing to digital, print and broadcast advertising. Winners were selected based on creative quality and innovation.

Agency Promotion


Winner: Stein IAS, Cliché Killers

Runner-Up: true, The Secret Beta Society

Honorable Mention: Nelson Schmidt, Naughty Santa Self Promotion





Winner: BBDO, GE-Predix Launch

Runner-Up: BBDO, GE-The World's Catching Up with Owen

Honorable Mention: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-Mobile World Congress  


Best Concept Killed By Client


Best Concept Killed By Client

Winner: Bader Rutter, The Standard-Labeled

Runner-Up: PJA Advertising & Marketing, New York Times-Alternative Facts

Honorable Mention: true, Be More Digital


Brand Identity


Brand Name

Winner: Siegel+Gale, SAP-Visual Identity

Runner-Up(tie): Branditecture, Vium

Runner-Up(tie): Agency Ingram Micro, DEVICELAND 

Logo Design

Winner: Stein IAS, 1010DATA-More Power to You

Runner-Up: Bader Rutter, Generations Against Bullying-Logo Design 

Honorable Mention: Siegel+Gale, Radial-Logo Design


Broadcast Advertising


Radio Campaign

Winner: BBDO, GE-Predix Launch Radio

Runner-Up: PJA Advertising & Marketing, Why-Mimecast Radio

Honorable Mention: Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, CDW


Radio Single

Winner: true, Yell Business-Go Digital Go Yell

Runner-Up: Stein IAS, Korn Ferry-UP


TV Campaign

Winner: BBDO, GE-What's the Matter with Sarah? 

Runner-Up: BBDO, GE-The World's Catching Up with Owen

Honorable Mention: Ogilvy & Mather, CDW-Watson in the World


TV Single 

Winner: Y&R, XEROX-Set the Page Free

Runner-Up: gyro, Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation-End the Cycle

Honorable Mention: BBDO, GE-Raining Octopuses




Print or Digital

Winner: Stein IAS, 1010DATA-More Power to You

Runner-Up: Doremus, UL-Verification Services

Honorable Mention: Stein IAS, Western Union Business Solutions-Connect to Grow



Content Marketing

Individual Piece

Winner: Stein IAS, Samsung-Tab Pro's Time Lapse Video

Runner-Up: Stein IAS, Ingredion-Sensory Experience

Honorable Mention (tie) : gyro, HPE.nxt

Honorable Mention (tie): HCL Technologies-Bringing Strategic Partners to Life


Multiple Piece Program/Campaign

Winner: BBDO, GE-LifeAfter Podcast 

Runner-Up: Doremus, Microsoft-Bing network for digital advertisers

Honorable Mention: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-Mobile World Congress

Digital Sales Enablement


Winner: OgilvyOne, IBM-Quantitative Evaluation of Client Information

Runner-Up: Tylar & Company -Online Educational Assessment CRM

Direct Mail

All Formats

Winner: Bulldog Solutions, Bottomline Technologies-Mission Possible: Opening the Door to the C-Suite

Runner-Up: Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, CDW

Honorable Mention: Doremus, HP-ZBook Studio Sketch Flipbook 



Winner: Stein IAS, Cliché Killers Email

Employee Branding Engagement


Winner: BBDO, GE-Sarah Employee Engagement 

Runner-Up: BBDO, GE-Owen Employee Engagement

Honorable Mention: BBDO, GE-Get the Vote Out Video


Event Marketing Campaign


Winner: Doremus, PPG & Titleist-US Open Event

Runner-Up: gyro, Hilton Worldwide-WOW Makers

Honorable Mention (tie) : Godfrey, Using Conductive Ink

Honorable Mention (tie) : gyro, TDAI-The Human Finance Project 

Event Trade Show Marketing

Booth Design-Single

Winner: Bader Rutter, Zoetis-American Assoc. of Equine Practitioners

Runner-Up: Bader Rutter, Cattle Industry Annual Convention-NCBA Trade Show

Honorable Mention: Doremus, Plantronics-2016 CES Booth

Integrated Trade Show

Winner: Bader Rutter, Dow-AgroSciences Diamond Showcase

Runner-Up: gyro, TDAI-The Human Finance Project 

Honorable Mention: Stein IAS, Cliché Killers Movie Premier


Proprietary Event Marketing

Winner: true, The Art of POSzle

Runner-Up: Agency Ingram Micro, Ingram ONE Event


Lead-Nurturing Campaign


Winner: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM Bluemix-Dynamic Email Nurture

Microsite/Campaign Hub/Rich Landing Page

Winner (tie) : gyro, HPE.nxt

Winner (tie) : Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-US Open Website

Runner-Up: PJA Advertising & Marketing, Shire-Rare Count

Mobile Marketing


Winner: BMO Capital Markets, Connect with BMO

Runner-Up: Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, CDW-Out of Home Campaign 


Mobile Sites & Apps

Winner: BMO Capital Markets, Global Metals & Mining Conference


Multi-Channel Demand Generation

Winner: Doremus, PPG-Corporate Brand

Runner-Up: Quarry, Windstream-Gaps

Honorable Mention: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-Mobile World Congress

Online Advertising


Winner: OgilvyOne, 2016 IBM Target Audience Re-Profiting

Runner-Up: gyro, Medidata-The Architecture of Hope 

Honorable Mention: PJA Advertising & Marketing, Rapid 7-Make Nothing Happen

Single Display Ad

Winner: Stein IAS, Bswift-Unexpected Results

Single Video Ad

Winner: gyro, Hiscox-Tightrope 

Out of Home

Winner: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-Cognitive Dress

Print Advertising


Winner: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-Evidence Print

Runner-Up: true, Yell Business-Go Digital Go Yell

Honorable Mention: BBDO, GE-Boston Headquarters Announcement  



Winner: BMO Capital Markets-Beam Me Up

Runner-Up: true, Yell Business-Go Digital Go Yell

Honorable Mention: gyro, Medidata-You Build Hope

Public Relations

Winner: Stein IAS, Merck Animal Health-Face the Facts

Runner-Up: ERPR GROUP, ERPR Group-Earned Media Campaign


Search Engine Marketing Campaign


Winner: gyro, CEB


Social Media


Winner (tie) : Ogilvy & Mather, IBM-World Congress

Winner (tie) : Sullivan NYC, Goldman Sachs-Make Small Big

Runner-Up: PJA Advertising & Marketing, Shire-Rare Count


Winner: BBDO, GE-Unimpossible Missions: A Snowball

Runner-Up: BBDO, GE-Unimpossible Missions: Lightning in a Bottle

Honorable Mention: Ogilvy & Mather, IBM Support Group



Winner: Bader Rutter, Bader Rutter-Website Redesign

Runner-Up: Vertic, GE-ge.com

Honorable Mention: Vertic, Microsoft-3D Healthcare  

Integrated Marketing Campaign

$1 Million & Over

Winner: BBDO, GE-What's the Matter with Sarah? 

Runner-Up: BBDO, GE-The World's Catching Up with Owen

Honorable Mention: BBDO, GE-Predix Launch

$250,000-$1 Million

Winner: Stein IAS, Korn Ferry-UP 

Runner-Up (tie) : Doremus, Microsoft-Bing Network 

Runner-Up (tie) : PJA Advertising & Marketing, Baxalta-Inspired By

Honorable Mention (tie) : Bader Rutter, Mycogen-Relentless Campaign 

Honorable Mention (tie) : OgilvyOne, 2016 IBM China Cognitive Fashion Campaign

Under $250,000

Winner (tie) : BMO Capital Markets-Beam Me Up

Winner (tie) : gyro, Hiscox-I'mpossible

Runner-Up: gyro, Medidata-The Architecture of Hope

Best in Show

Winner: BBDO, GE-What's the matter with Sarah?