ANA Procurement Case Studies & White Papers

Procurement case studies and white papers focus on the value and positive contributions of marketing procurement. Available case studies are:

  • Optimizing the Procurement and Marketing Relationship
    The overall objective of this research was to examine the relationship between procurement and marketing and the factors that lead to the strongest internal partnerships and business results. Findings indicate that the marketing/procurement relationship may have finally turned the corner and is now on a positive path. That is big news. Both marketing and marketing procurement note improvement in their relationship in the past year, and those levels of improvement are substantial. The research identifies the attributes that correlate to a strong relationship between marketing and procurement as well as tangible steps both can take to enhance that working relationship.

  • Beware the Patent Troll: Patent Risk in the Advertising Space
    Patent assertion entities (PAEs), aka patent trolls, threaten marketers by claiming ownership of many common advertising practices. ANA is taking a number of proactive steps to protect its members from the unacceptable risk of abusive patent litigation. On June 11, 2014 ANA will convene a Patent Troll Summit to address this issue.

  • Payment Terms – Current Practices for Marketing Services
    This survey research report was initiated due to member interest resulting from news in the advertising/marketing trade press and mainstream business press regarding changes in payment terms being implemented by a handful of companies to some suppliers. The purpose of this survey was to determine if such changes were isolated examples or reflective of a broader trend.

  • The Rise of the In-House Agency
    The penetration and influence of in-house agencies continues to grow. These increases are, in part, a reflection of the economic environment in which corporations have reduced budgets and are being challenged to do more with less. Also, the growth of digital/social/mobile and the need for quicker turnaround for those media has played a role in the increased penetration and responsibilities of in-house agencies. This white paper provides insights into the services that in-house agencies handle, the degree to which external agencies are displaced by in-house agencies, the advantages and disadvantages of in-house agencies, the internal costs to the company of employing in-house agencies, and more.

  • Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement
    The discipline of marketing procurement has existed in the industry for well over a decade now. Some companies have more mature marketing procurement teams while others are just starting out. Recently, ANA took the pulse of its members to better understand the metrics used to gauge the success of marketing procurement. At many companies, the focus continues to be on cost. But some more enlightened firms are now evolving the conversation to strategic metrics, like driving marketing ROI, process improvement, innovation, and market share Increases. Marketing is an investment to be maximized and not an expense to be minimized and the role of marketing procurement is to help maximize the investment in marketing activities. The ANA white paper, "Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement" (released in June 2013) helps provide a roadmap for marketers as well as agencies to maximize the contribution of marketing procurement.

  • Toyota Case Study: Media Verification Audit to Assess Agency Process and Operations Efficiency

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev Case Study: Media Agency Search & Selection

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