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2014 Survey Schedule
Social Media Engagement
ANA/Forrester Media
Procurement/ Marketing Relationship
Social Media Content Development
Social Media: Personal and Professional
The Rise of Multi-Screen
Marketing Disruption
Mobile Shifts
Native Advertising
Content Marketing
Top Concerns 2015
Omni-Channel Marketing
Social Media Engagement Trends Poll The ANA, in partnership with Ipsos OTX, compares consumer and marketer perceptions regarding social media and how engaged consumers are with brands on social media.

ANA/Forrester Media Survey The ANA and Forrester fields an in-depth survey of client-side marketers around best practices in media transparency, programmatic buying, and measurement of media effectiveness.

Procurement/Marketing Relationship Survey The ANA's Procurement Task Force spearheads this detailed look at the convergence of marketing and procurement, relationships between practitioners, and best practices.

Social Media Content Development Survey

An earlier ANA survey found that while 86% of brands think they post fun and interesting content, only 36% of consumers say they stay connected to brands for their content. As a follow-up to that finding, this study dives deeper to understand how marketers develop content for social media platforms as well as how they test and measure the effectiveness of their social media content.

Social Media: Personal & Professional Survey A timely look at how the changing world of social media influences marketers both personally and professionally, including benchmarking the social media habits of ANA members across platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).

The Rise of Multi-Screen Marketing Survey How are marketers using multi-screen approaches to achieve different goals for their products and brands? This survey looks at marketing strategy across screen-based media channels (mobile, tablet, PC, TV) and how brands utilize them to reach business success.

ANA/McKinsey Survey "Marketing's Moment: Leading the Disruption" Today's empowered consumer is challenging the effectiveness of traditional marketing tactics, while technological changes are breaking down established business models and energizing new, agile competitors. How are top marketers responding? This in-depth STate of the Industry survey, conducted in partnership with McKinsey & Co., polls leading CMOs to find out.

Shifts in Mobile Marketing Survey The smart phone, it's always there. The mobile revolution has enabled consumers to access content on-demand. For years marketers have relied on apps to deliver that content - but has that changed? This ANA survey looks at how marketers are utilizing apps and mobile-optimized websites today and how they will utilize them in the future.

Native Advertising Survey What is "native" advertising? How are marketers using this new in-context marketing channel to reach consumers? How are they budgeting, managing, and measuring native advertising programs? This in-depth ANA member poll looks at industry best practices in strategy, resource allocation, and transparency for this new area for marketers.

Content Marketing This survey looks at how marketers are using content marketing today, and how they will use it in the coming years. What strategies and tactics are working? How is video content being developed, budgeted, managed, deployed, and optimized? ANA members share their current and future insights on best practices on video marketing in this digital age.

Marketers Top Concerns for 2015 and Beyond What Keeps CMOs up at night? What short-term and long-term threats and opportunities are out there? This ANA survey looks at what leading marketers need to know in the coming year(s) - a special, exclusive poll of industry CMOs and ANA Survey Community members.

Omni-Channel Marketing The ANA and BAA look at the topic of Omni-Channel Marketing. What strategies, tactics, and technologies are marketers utilizing to break down barriers and create seamless customer brand (and shopping) experiences? How are Omni-Channel strategies implemented, managed, budgeted, and measured? This poll looks at best practices and how technology is impacting the consumer's shopping journey.

Twelve surveys are conducted each year through ANA’s Survey Community.

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