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Individual Training

The ANA School of Marketing (SoM) offers unique marketing based courses led by subject matter industry experts to help advance your individual knowledge, career and effectiveness.

For those who want to elevate their personal marketing skills to “Get Ahead and Stay Ahead” of the competition, ANA School of Marketing has a number of innovative learning solutions, which include one- and two-day individual training sessions — all taught in university-like class settings.

Our current individual training can  help you:

  1. Develop impactful brand equity that capitalizes on customer retention
  2. Collaborate on creativity positioned to wow your agency
  3. Engage in a stronger and more focused client-agency relationship that seizes to nurture your partnerships
  4. And so much more!

Individual training provides an extraordinary learning experience designed to help you become an exceptional brand builder. SoM workshops are taught by expert marketing practitioners with hands-on business experience and success. They will not only challenge you to think differently, but will also teach you cutting-edge skills and processes to make you a more efficient and effective marketer

Instructor Opportunities

We are looking for qualified consultants to teach our half-day workshops to our members (client-side marketers). 

If you would like to be considered for a position as an ANA instructor:

  • Submit your resume to: along with a cover letter
  • Include any relevant work examples

These positions are purely on a consultation basis, not full- time employment. Thank you for your interest!

Upcoming Classes

*NEW WHARTON WORKSHOP* Business Transformation Leadership for CMOs

New York, NY

Creating a Business-Driven Content Strategy

New York, NY

*NEW WORKSHOP* Digital Innovation Lab: Building Brands Through Customer Experience

New York, NY

B-to-B Profitable Pricing Management

Chicago, IL

The Art and Science of Brand Building

New York, NY

How To Optimize Your Agency Partner Relationships

New York, NY

Optimizing Your Ad Production Spend

New York, NY

*NEW WORKSHOP* Google mLab: Transforming Your Mobile Marketing Customer Experience

New York, NY

Mobile Marketing

New York, NY

*NEW WORKSHOP* Digital Innovation Lab: Creating Competitive Advantage through Data Analytics

New York, NY

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