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Wendell Grimsley

Wendell Grimsley is a marketing professional with over 23 years of agency and client-side experience.  His roots are firmly planted in Direct Marketing, having helped design and execute direct response programs for global brands such as Xerox, Steelcase, Infiniti Motorcars, and Epson.

Wendell served as Account Director at both Lowe & Partners and Unit 7, giving him a deep appreciation for the joys –and challenges- of aligning a client’s objectives with the creative development process to deliver breakthrough creative.  Wendell also spent 12 years at Dell, Inc. in various senior positions where he was responsible for budgets exceeding $100M annually.  He led teams in Marketing Communications, Product Line Management, Merchandising, and Partnership Marketing, giving him a full perspective on the marketing value chain.

Since 2009, Wendell has been helping to optimize the relationships between clients and agencies as a member of Brieflogic’s executive team.

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