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Brett Colbert

Brett Colbert spent over 15 years in executive management at both advertising and media agencies.  These experiences gave him the foundation and unique perspective to successfully transition to marketing procurement in 2003.  After leading Global Procurement teams at Time Warner, Nestlé and Anheuser-Busch InBev, Brett recently went back to his roots and joined MDC Partners as Chief Procurement Officer, based in their New York Innovation Centre.

Leading through diverse and challenging situations, he has a track record of accomplishments that included “glocalization” of toolkits, launches of effective operational improvement, and expansion of existing processes.

Brett attributes his ability to get things done to his unique “rock and roll” style.  He is passionate for delivering genuine value and benefits.  Driving results through collaboration is what he is all about. 

MDC is a Business Transformation Organization that utilizes technology, marketing communications, data analytics and insights and strategic consulting solutions to drive meaningful returns on Marketing and Communications Investments.

MDC’s durable competitive advantage is to Empower the Most Talented Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders to Drive Business Success to new levels of Achievement, for both our Clients and our Shareholders, reinforcing MDC's reputation as "The Place Where Great Talent Lives." 

$6,000 Training Credit

ANA Member Companies, as part of their membership are offered one (1) training credit annually. 

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